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  1. RE; ” 5000 miles from home ” to aired on Chanel 11 , Su., at 6:00 PM..

    I tip my hat to all that served and are serving this Country.Thank You All Service M & Wamanan.Love yo.

    From my research I come to learn that U.S.A. would never goone to War [Ward War II] if there wosn’t need for “soldier” “labor”need for help , to defend itself from “japs.”
    So President Roosevelt lacking army, turned to Stalin ,how sad, ,,,
    In exchange for that, President Roosevelt allow Stalin to take substantial chank of land all the way from Vilno westword that was Poland , prior to the War II. [polish Country ]
    President Roosevelt did other consecions to Stalin, but thay would make my post so, so long.
    At the end, Stalin did nothing as far as keeping his end of a treaty, namely did not made it’s man/soldier power avaliable to fight “Japs” & to help America…
    [President Roosevelt had no inclination his Copuntry is just about to be attaked.]

    Chirchil was so aginst Rosevelts tactick, to no evail. All president Rosevelt seem to care was to getting allies for selfhelp.
    When President Truman came to a picture after Roosvelts death, it was late to reverse anything. Russia and Stalin , did :
    declaired war against Japan 2 days prior to
    U.S. A. dropping atomic bombs on Japan.
    Havin said that I wish to let Mr . producer of “5000 miles from home ” to present the facts as they are, not just prefarable part of it . If he painst the picture I would hope for it to be complete picture, not just part of it.
    How do you know that the reluctance of some of the Italian soldiers , inteviuwees ,did not derived from being ambarrased about their old Country Italy ,siding with HITLER ?,causing 35-40 milions to be killed ? directly or inderectly
    With all do respect to Jewish = 5 mollinos killed
    Are they less deserving to be remembered ? Are they less human than you Jewish ?
    Israelities ?
    I am not bigot, I dated Jew boy just 4 years ago. He had no clue why Jews call themselves Jews. After all it is a religin , not a nationality.

    Bob Serat; , [my apology if I misspeled your last name ?] I follow you, and respect your professionalism. I had pleasure meatting you, many times, so if you need to look up some info. RE; this subject I will make it available to you.

    Bob, I have so much to say on the subject it would make your eyer itch.Not personal opinion if you wonder :))

    Sory no spell check, and I am Pol , born in Poland, american citizen as well.

    Maya Wiertel.
    Best to MaryAnn and your daughter.

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