Let them starve, I got mine/ Mayor Daley's Hired Trucks return for 2016 Olympic bid.

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August 7, 2009. Yesterday was a very long day for me. It started at 6:00 a.m. and did not end until 3:00 a.m. the next day. I still in shock at the treatment I was given by Kenny Construction Company employees yesterday. I helped a cameraman from a major news station interview Chicago Teamsters 726 members that are laid off by the City of Chicago Department of Water Management. We were on a job site, a sewer main replacement on 75th Street in Chicago. I have become a skeptic of the Daley Administration, the more I see them in action. Daley has major infrastructure construction work around 75th and the Dan Ryan, sewers, water mains, and I also saw MAT and Kenny construction. I might have been fooled thinking Mayor Daley was really interested improving this black neighborhood, but I know better. I am implying Mayor Daley and his Olympic committee consider this area as a staging area for the 2016 Olympic bid. I also suggest Daley and his goons sewed up the deal for the Olympic bid long ago. I received information into the basic rules of trucking and prevailing wage law. For some reason the Chicago trade Unions allow grey areas in the trucking industry. These grey areas allow Daley’s friends to exploit fair play and make millions off the backs of blacks, Hispanics, and ex-offenders. The phony minority trucking companies fuel elections for both Democrats and Republicans. The Olympic bid will be profitable for Daley friends and supporters. The bottom line of the video below is making sure we thank Alderman Freddrenna M. Lyle of Chicago’s 6th Ward. Alderman Lyle, took un-scheduled time to make a meeting and hear Teamsters Local 726 issues, and answer tough questions from Chicago Clout. This would never be done by a white Alderman in Chicago, period. I was also ashamed by members of the Operating Engineers Local 150, the Journeymans’ Plumbers Local 130, The Laborers Local 1092, and other City Workers loading trucking companies that are not union members. The leadership of embroiled Teamsters 726 did not arrive out to the site to make an inspection. What kind of Union members would load scab trucking companies up when their brethren picket across the street? Most of the teamsters on the picket were black and Daley replaced them with Hispanic scab workers. The neighborhood is mostly black and Daley fired black workers, a page in the Bridgeport 11th Ward playbook. I am producing a show on this issue this month, I invite all. I am also proud to report a massive movement to raise funds for Teamsters victims of Daley’s privatization schemes, and a massive rally by all City Workers to help provide canned food and money to help the fallen union brethren. Call your local unions and get a discount on your union dues now! Your Chicago Unions have sold you out! Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. Maybe if the stil employed MTD’s had voted to accept furlough days, these unemploye MTD would still be working.

    Pat you post here are asking these employed union employees to violate the Labor Contracts by refusing to load trucks. There is no such right to refuse to load s truck because it is non union. it is also what is called I think a Unfair Union Practice whwere the union can get in trouble with the labor board.(Response) We got rid of the HDO Trucks and Reyes, looks like they are back for more. You know how to stop this, do it.

  2. ‘Infrastructure is good’: Daley
    $1.7 BIL. | Defends street, bridge fixes, 5 new libraries
    August 8, 2009

    BY LISA DONOVAN Staff Reporter/ldonovan@suntimes.com
    With a street repair project in the background and a lousy economy on everyone’s mind, Mayor Daley defended this year’s $1.7 billion plan to build five libraries, fix several high-traffic bridges and resurface 550 blocks of streets across the city.

    “Infrastructure is good for the economy and good for jobs,” Daley said on the Northwest Side on Friday, when he also announced a five-year, $8.4 billion plan for capital improvements citywide. “All these improvements basically strengthen economic development, jobs here in the city, and it helps businesses — especially now with so many of our residents struggling financially, it is very important.”

    Daley stressed the city is cutting operating expenses but said annual sewer and road improvements are not only fiscally responsible, they’re an essential part of keeping a city in business.

    “We will always continue to [work on] long-range capital investments. Otherwise, if you don’t, it will cost you twice, three times as much money or more — 30 percent more — every year when you delay it,” Daley said in front of crews repairing Milwaukee Avenue at Gale, part of an $11.3 million project that stretches south to Montrose.

    Daley said next year, the nearby “Six Corners” — Milwaukee, Cicero and Irving Park Road — will undergo $20 million in road repairs.

    Sounding defensive about the spending plan, Daley was careful to point out that money for these projects comes from a variety of sources: bonds, city coffers including tax increment financing districts, as well as state and federal funds.

    “Anybody who proposes capital improvements can stand on those projects. This is not a waste of money,” Daley said.

    U.S. Rep. Mike Quigley, also at Friday’s press conference, said this project is about putting people back to work at a time when employment reports show 247,000 people lost their jobs last month and, in his district alone, 28 percent of all mortgages were in trouble.

    “For those who would criticize that, or say, ‘Why would you do it this way or that way?’ — look, our job is to put people back to work,” he said, adding later: “It doesn’t matter if people can’t put food on their table. We see people here doing two things, they’re putting food on their table, they’re improving our infrastructure, and they’re making a long-term economic impact for all these businesses here who years from now will be profiting from” better roads.

    While the five-year plan includes an array of infrastructure upgrades, including a whopping $3.9 billion at O’Hare and Midway airports, the mayor’s office offered a sampling of this year’s project list:

    • • $83 million in bridge repairs, including the Jackson Boulevard viaduct at Union Station, Halsted Street over the North Branch Canal, and Lawrence Avenue over the Kennedy Expy.

    • • $40.8 million in repair and construction of new library branches including the West Town branch, 1615 W. Chicago; West Humboldt Park in the 700 block of North Kedzie, and Grand Crossing at 73rd and Ellis.

    • • Resurfacing 550 blocks of local streets and 110 alleys as well as replacing more than 150 blocks of sidewalk.

  3. Maybe if the stil employed MTD’s had voted to accept furlough days, these unemploye MTD would still be working.

    I would like to add an additional response to the above very naive statement.

    The members of local 726 held up the 10 year contract in part of or because of Article 19. The above Article allows the City to amend or terminate the contract on every anniversary of June 1. Also, the City has 120 days to stick it to us. This is not a 10 year contract but a one year contract for the next 10 years.

    Local 726 continue to put the same offer on the table or shove it down our throats.

    Last year the Mayor took three furlough days from us at the very end of the 120 day deadline. Thanks to fighting for the future they rallied the members to say NO to furlough days!

    Perhaps all City Union Members should demand that their voice be heard instead of allowing your Unions to have POWER OF ATTORNEY and vote for you.

    Do you get the picture my friend, the Mayor demands the furlough days and he gets them, no negotiations whatsoever.

    This is like a dictatorship, he owns the Unions, well at least not Local 726 anymore!!!

  4. I’m writing this in response to Russ Stewarts review dated on May 27, 2009.

    If you can refer to the changes taking place in the 36th Ward as a “Cinderella Story”, then you must be living in your own dream world! Or are you just an over opinionated fool? When was the last time you’ve driven through our community and opened your eyes to the improvements all around? John Rice lives in our Ward. He and his wife, Mary Jo are raising their 2 young children in our Ward, so obviously they have a vested interest in what goes on around here. Take a look at our parks, our schools, our streets, and our alleys. Mr. Rice has stepped up and made himself the go-to man between the people and the Alderman’s office. He hears the needs of the community, puts them on the table with the ward office,and ourWard stays solid .People want to live and raise their own kids here. He gets things done.

    In the last three years, I don’t think I’ve been to a community meeting, park meeting, school board meeting, or even a CAPS meeting that I have not seen John Rice or one of his Representatives there, listening, taking notes, and offering solutions to any and all of the issues that people may have in our Ward.

    Isn’t this the definition of “Chief of Staff “? Have I covered it? Since when does a law degree become the key to becoming good Alderman? Sometimes a law degree doesn’t even make a good lawyer.

    Parents need to tell their kids to be the best they can be. Achieve your goals, and life has no limits when you honestly and sincerely care about your life and the people in it. With that being said, I guess you could be right about the “Cinderella Story“. Like a fairy tale, good things come to people who are honest, up front and work hard for what they achieve in life.

    Seeing as you are so up on your fairy tales, which one do you want to compare to the Nick Sposato story?

    Maybe, Mr. Sposato would like to explain where he gets the opinion Mr. Banks is a “bully” and “control freak”. Since when is not the responsibility of an alderman to know what goes on in his Ward? And, Yes, Mr. Sposato we will elect another Alderman that will serve the people. We’ve been making that choice for the last 26 years and we were not “bullied” into it! Oh, I know, 250 workers were “bullied” into it on election day or better yet Alderman Banks “bullied” the Post Office into delivering the 5 out of 6 mailers.

    Grow up Nick, maybe there are just a few people in this Ward (like i.e. 77%) that know what is good for this community and support it and they believe in a face that they see and know, no matter which man has the title.

    But of course, I must say that I have never seen either Alderman Banks or John Rice hold a “mud slinging forum” across the bar at Elmcrest. To be honest, after listening to you that day, I for sure I would not vote for you. At best, an alderman needs to present themselves as an “adult” not a “whinny soar losing child“. So unless you’ve done some serious growing up and educate yourself on what it takes to run a Ward, I really do not see how you feel the “playing field will be level”? No, Rice is not Banks and it will take a hell of a man to fill his shoes in the Aldermanic Race of 2011.

    Of course, there is hope. Practice makes perfect, Nick. So keep practicing and maybe you’ll have a chance when John Rice retires in another 20 years.

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