Hired Truck Lawsuits continue, Mayor Daley needs to raise taxes, More lawsuits against Chicago

More Hired Trucks 1.jpg Most of this summer required me to watch Mayor Daley and his Administration continue to break the law of the land. Mayor Daley looked like a fool when the 726 Teamsters would not give into his insane demands. Daley was playing both side of the coin when he was telling the world Chicago had money, but he was cheating Chicago City Workers out of fair pay and work. Every Chicago City employee knows Daley laid off Chicago Teamsters and replaced them with Hired Trucks. Many of the Hired Truck Drivers are scabs and belong to phony minority and disadvantaged businesses. Mayor Daley may consider a black, a Mexican, and a women a disadvantaged human but I do not. I was contacted by several drivers from Midway Airport and several drivers from Local 726. I recommended a lawyer that would start and finish a lawsuit and not steal their money. I am very glad on October 13, 2009; Attorney Russ Stewart filed a lawsuit on behalf of what could become (200) two hundred Chicago City Workers. The lawsuit is against The Chicago Department of Aviation, The Chicago Department of Transportation, The Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation, and my friends at the City of Chicago Department of Water Management. Want all those teamsters to know, I followed Hired Trucks and took pictures for free. The teamsters might have the last laugh yet! Here is the link https://w3.courtlink.lexisnexis.com/cookcounty/FindDock.asp?NCase=&SearchType=2&Database=3&case_no=&=&=&=&PLtype=1&sname=alonzo+anderson&CDate= Good luck everyone. Photo by Patrick McDonough

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  1. I was going to get in that lawsuit and I see a lot of co-workers did. I hope they get all their back wages and taxpayers will figure out that since “Da Mayor” didn’t follow certain rules, we got to not only pay back all the workers he laid off as well as the hired trucks that DID get paid. In essence, it cost’s tax payer TWICE as much to do those jobs when it would have saved money to just let the city workers do the jobs they were hired to do in the first place, another way for Daley to help his “friends” make money during a recession. An expensive lesson to learn. I decided not to join the suit because I was told that I am a “Seasonal” Pool driver and wouldn’t have worked anyways, but still can’t figure that one out. I have worked for 4 years now, pay union dues, get laid off and Hired trucks get to work. Makes no damn sense. Response) Join the lawsuit. I will help you, I do this to help make City workers life better.

  2. October 21, 2009 A worker has been killed at a private street cleaning company in Bridgeport.
    It happened late Tuesday night at the Elgin Sweeping Service on West Pershing near Morgan. Brian Miller, 37, was a mechanic at the facility. He was found trapped in the compressor of one of the street sweepers.
    Police are conducting a death investigation.

  3. Lets see get laid off and sue how original. At least the fees that will be paid to city for this frivolous lawsuit will be split 200 ways.

    Or if they do win another round of layoff to pay for it. There is only so much money to go around ladies and gentlemen. No pot of gold at the end of Pat’s Rainbow.
    (Response) Maybe if Daley was not a criminal, we would have less lawsuits.

  4. I hear the New IG is very interested in one of your many calls cases. Revisiting the orginal corruption cases of yours.

  5. Pat I am going to kill you and your fucking family. I am going to cut their throats you fucking piece of shit.

  6. Hey Pat, that threat looks pretty serious, is that blogger for real? To say he’s gonna kill you and your family? Does this moron know that tracing that blog back to his/hers IP address is a cinch these days? Does he/she realize that to make a threat like that to you is a felony punishable with serious prison time? I’d follow through with a trace and nail that idiot and prosecute my friend!! What the hell is wrong with people who can’t handle what is said on blogs that they resort to murder? A threat like that posted on a blog is just as serious as if they said it to your face with the new internet laws, just file a report with the Illinois State Police and they can find this guy in a matter of minutes!! (Response) I was threatened as a HIred Truck Whistleblower with a trucking company in Niles and I get threats or blowing up me and my kids all the time at work. Nothing is done by the Department, Nothing. I think they want me dead.

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