Chicago Department of Water Management Workers sit idle, Local 134 on notice

non-union company1.jpg Two days in a row on City of Chicago worksites for Premium Sound and Security from the suburbs. This company hires a tech that thinks scale is 11 dollars and hour! Who pockets the difference? The law requires these people are paid prevailing wage when working for the City of Chicago. This company drove onto the City property with no authorization and did not check-in. The Electricians Local 134 Union was notified and I spoke to Michael Davis and he promised to get in touch with Michael Nugent, the union representative for sparkies at the City of Chicago. The City of Chicago is so lazy; they allow anyone to drive into the property unchecked. Years ago when they were gunning for me, they dispatched the OIG to see why I was taking a picture of my crew in the yard. It is no surprise the truck they were concerned about was mine, 1308, the most famous investigator truck in water department history. If this young man is cheated out of a fair wage, then the company needs to be removed from Mayor Daley’s contractor buddy list. City of Chicago residents have no work and Daley farms out more work to his Lake County operatives. I also commend Channel 2 news for exposing the 11Th ward Water Department crew helping privatize the Department. Daley wants to get his hands on the Department because he bankrupted Chicago, just like I told you years ago.

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  1. This company is not registered with the City website of contractors Sub-contract scam?

  2. I hope the Office of the Inspector General investigates why the company that has the contract WEBTECH does not have enough personal to handle the job. This is an another example of sub-contracting and shortchanging Chicago Taxpayers.

  3. Dont worry Mike Nugent wont do a thing. He wont even go after numerous members who have not paid their dues for 2 years

  4. Mike Nugent just called, he said to shut your mouth and mind your own business, he is too busy taking bri#$% from existing city electricians and selling jobs and favors to the subcontractors for Daley!!!
    Why does Local 134 have almost 40% unemployment and still have OVER 100 B.A’s???? I encourage ALL 134 members to quit paying thier dues until they reduce the number of business agents who don’t or ever have represented the member’s interest!!! (Response) Oh, like the one that is also mayor od Des Plaines, now that is funny.

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