Get the New Year off to a great start with President Terrence J. O'Brien

President Terrence J. O'Brien.jpg President Terrence J. O’Brien is giving Chicago and Cook County Voters a reason to smile in 2010. Terrence is stepping up to the plate to take over troubled Cook County Government and get our county headed in the right direction. Mr. O’Brien has quietly and efficiently steered the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District in the right direction. In fact, I can say his leadership has kept his employees on task and out of the limelight. That is the kind of leadership I was referring to when I wrote, “Now is time for great leaders to step up and get the United States of America turned around”. On a personal note, I am glad President O’Brien agreed to the hot seat on “Chicago Clout” our Can-Tv, youtube, motionbox, and internet show. The show taped this afternoon. Terrence J. O’Brien’s staff was courteous and professional throughout the entire set-up through execution of the show. The level of follow up and preparation to detail sold me on the competence and leadership he will provide us as Cook County Board President. There was no asking twice to take a picture with President Terrence J. O’Brien. Photo by Patrick McDonough If you wish to join the O’Brien for Cook County Board President campaign, please click here..

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  2. Pat, if I robbed you of over $100,000 dollars, and took the food out of your childrens mouths, caused your wife a ton of grief and anguish, would you support my close family and frineds and help them out? Well you are doing all that for Daley! You hate what the man has done to you, but yet you support his henchmen! O’brian is daleys puppet and will enrich Daley and his family further. I find no logic here.
    (Response) You are correct, I find no logic here. None.

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