David Hoffman for U.S. Senate Get the Vote out Party in Evanston Teamsters Invited

David Hoffman Clout.jpg I called David Hoffman’s office today and became a phone bank volunteer for the 48th Ward in Chicago. I also put together a volunteer task force in several surrounding areas of Cook County. I am letting everyone know because I have been an unabashed supporter of David Hoffman and made contributions to allow him to get his message out. I also called Karen Nystrom, Director of volunteering today at make her aware of the terrible situation with the Chicago Teamsters working at the Chicago O’Hare and Chicago Midway Airports. Workers are asked to show up and are sent home after two hours despite the fact nonunion workers are rock kicking and doing nothing at the airport. Chicago Teamsters also have lawsuits that might just return all this money back, so why not keep them working until a settlement is decided? Many of these teamsters are going to lose their homes and cars despite their heroic round the clock work when the snow emergencies hit Chicago. Several leading Teamsters from Local 700 (former 726) will attend a Hoffman Party in Evanston January 21, 2010 at The Celtic Knot 626 Church Street Evanston, including Angelo Fata. The meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. I strongly ask those with Union concerns to show up and tell David Hoffman our side of the story. If you are a reporter for Chicago Newspapers and the suburbs, make sure you show up we will have some interesting information. Photo re-edited by Patrick McDonough

Mayor Daley and Madigan destroyed Chicago Trade Show Business. 61 employees are terminated today! Boat Show Sunk!

Chicago McCormick Place 1.jpg Today about 61 employees from the McPier authority had a going away party; another twenty five should have their own going away party next week. A total of one hundred are slated for the chopping block due to greed and mismanagement. No more public pensions and now it is 401 K for the new hires. When I read the newspapers, they report how Daley and Quinn are going to fix the problem. These are the fools that have destroyed our convention business with incompetent personal incapable of realizing there is a problem and are too scared to fix the problem. This is how management in Chicago works, you have people in charge that come to work to play on the computer, if you make a decision, jealous supervisors undo any improvements. The only qualifications you need in Chicago for management positions is an ability to tell the next lackey above you what a great job they are doing. Get a picture of a young Daley on your desk if you really want to impress. I hope you enjoy the fruits of this work ethic, this is a picture I took at McCormick Place today. The Chicago Boat and RV show was a yawner if I ever saw one. The boat show yesterday was really bad, Wednesday was worse, and today was a disgrace. I talked with many vendors and they told me they are going to the smaller surrounding shows to sell next time. This Chicago Boat show is less than one third of prior shows. There was a lack of carpeting, just some red carpet in the aisles. The vendors looked shell shocked at the lack of business. Many people are sick of the nineteen dollar parking fee as soon as they arrive. You are out of twenty dollars before you turn you car off! When I went inside you can feel the unhappiness of the employees. Most of the employees work for private companies and really do not care what goes on. Most of the workers are black folks that look unhappy, just rock kicking to collect a check. Each bathroom had two persons cleaning and I watched one guy with rubber gloves wiping the urinal lip with toilet paper, his mind on other things. The bathrooms were the same old tile from decades ago and the expansion joints were very dirty, even the McDonalds had dirty wallpaper. The pizza from Connie’s was dry due to the lack of customers, but the service was excellent. The McDonald’s express did not have the fine line of coffee I really like. Much of the boat show was sales of things that had nothing to do with boating, cheap knife sets, pots and pans for cooking healthy. The pots and pan guy reminded me of a sham wow commercial! If the attendance of the boat show is any indicator of the health of Chicago, we are all in trouble. I took many pictures and they were all very depressing. I think the thing that bothered me the most was the lack of elegance or class McCormick Place has. I guess when you have idiots making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year doing nothing and a bunch of no-cares making minimum wage, you have a receipe for disaster. I would really look at the contractors and investigate the markup they get on these workers making minimum wage. I would also reduce the pay of the trades’ people to twenty dollars an hour and fire their union representation. Privatization may be good for Mayor Daley and his family finances, but it is hell for everyone else in Chicago. I was told changes are on the way for McCormick Place, but Daley threw the baby out with the bath water. There are many ways to improve McCormick Place, but change starts at the top, I think this gig is up for quite some time to come. Make sure you book all of your conventions outside Chicago until Daley is gone, you cannot make a silk purse out of a cows ear! Photo by Patrick McDonough taken January 15, 2010

How did Utility Resource Group end up with a Three Million (soon to be 12 Million) Dollar Contract Mayor Daley?

Working for the City of Chicago requires some heavy lifting while onlookers watch you work. In fact, today was no different, the City of Chicago and various agencies could have pitched in to help the taxpayers win a fight against a never-ending battle against corruption. I admit I am a little upset because I spend much of my own time preparing cases, hours of computer work, preparing pictures, CDs, and hours or research that is never paid for by the city. In fact, if you want to improve Chicago, Daley, and his Administration fight you the entire way. The payoff was great today again today because the two investigators, the only employees for the Department of Water Management actively enforcing the taxpayer’s safety won another court victory. Every single case has resulted in additional income for the City of Chicago and less for the Plumbing Inspectors with their bribe-taking agendas. Every single case has been a victory for the City of Chicago and the taxpayers. The Water Department shows gratitude by shortening my pay and hours served.
On another matter, Mayor Daley and the City of Chicago quietly approved another three million dollar contract to locate utilities in Chicago. The last company Adesta, located in the suburbs, had the same three million dollar contract that ballooned to over eleven million dollars! I do not know how many times I went to a Peoples Gas Company job when Adesta mismarked the water service and the gas company pulled the water line causing flooding and additional damage. I always demanded 803 requests to recover the taxpayer’s money, but the guy in charge was downstate on other business.
This month the new underground utility company is feasting on millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money. The company is named Utility Resource Group located in Michigan, yes the state of Michigan. Mayor Daley should explain why Mr. Bigshot is sending Chicago Taxpayers’ money to another state while we starve and remain un-employed. Maybe Mr. Bigshot was his Michigan house and wanted to impress everyone on his ability to get a multimillion-dollar contract to his friends. On the first day, I found these people from Utility Resource Group, an employee showed up in a leased mini-van and had the entire Department of Water Management plat book on his computer. He makes sixteen dollars an hour with full health benefits, has access to the lives of every Chicago citizen. He does not need to live in Chicago and his company is not located in the flippin state. He does not need to pay Union dues despite doing the same work. This company does not have an office in Chicago, anything. Daley must be insane; Chicago citizens are out of work. This company gets no furlough days, nothing! Mayor Daley, who set up this deal? Who got a cut? Any ideas? Why was the last company removed? When did the bidding process start? The job I was on did not need this company called or hired. If a Water Department foreman for the City of Chicago needs a private company called out to locate the water main, then-Mayor Daley and his goon’s pick for foreman make Chicago the laughing stock of the world. How in the world can anyone justify calling a private company to tell a municipal employee whose job it is to know where the water mains are, where the water mains are? To really make matters more ridiculous, the low-level dispatch employees have the authority to call these companies at any time. Folks, this is a scam contract, a fraud, and a bad deal for Chicago Taxpayers. These people are going to go way over the contract and double the work the City Workers already get paid to do. Nobody from the department is verifying their work, WTF? I demand an investigation NOW. Patrick McDonough, Chicago’s most prolific Whistleblower.

Here are the Idiots from Laz Parking Mayor Daley hired to enforce the laws

Laz Parking Chicago 1.jpg Laz Parking and the City of Chicago parking meter problems compounded themselves today when Chicago Clout busted Mayor Daley’s idea of a quick bailout for the next 75 years. This dude was parked illegally at a bus stop while he was playing with his cell phone. He blocked the oncoming bus at the corner of Kenton and Lawrence making people walk further away from their bus stop. Thanks to Mayor Daley these companies will continue to drive on Chicago Streets acting like they are police and continuing to break the laws. Another one of these trucks made u-turns in the middle of the street today. I wish someone would ask Mayor Daley why these drivers for Laz act like they are the police! The real joke was when I took several pictures of this guy on his phone and he did not even notice me. He did not even budge. This was the same crap the Hired Trucks did also. I guess the word is out to protect the Daley family “deal”. Later in the day, I noticed a bunch more of Daley’s idiots around Jefferson Park on Lawrence. I hate to swear, but 75 more years of these jack-donkeys is more than I can stand. If you are an advocate to remove this company from Chicago, please contact me. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Mayor Daley's Belt Buckle from his mayoral loss in 1983 to Harold Washington

In 1983, Richard Daley ran for office attempting to become mayor of Chicago. Mayor Daley lost to a black man and the greatest and most respected mayor the City of Chicago ever had, Representative Harold Washington. To watch the Chicago media fawn over Mayor Daley, you think he never would have lost a race, but Daley did. When you watch Chicago media, you also read journalists write what Daley meant and not what he said. I was also the first person to call out Chicago media on the use of camera angles to make Daley seem as big as the person he was pictured with. This is a real belt buckle given only to Mayor Daley's closest henchman in his major defeat as mayor in 1983. There was one for each of his 50 goons sent to handle his failed bid to be mayor. This belt buckle is in mint condition. Are you interested? Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Are you going to Vote for John G. Mulroe for 10TH District Senate in Chicago, Illinois?

John G. Mulroe 1.jpg A few days ago, Ronald Bober, a famous Investigator for the City of Chicago Department of Water Management just got done with lunch and was greeted with a great big “Hello” from John G. Mulroe a candidate for Senate in Illinois. He is a fine upstanding breath of fresh air in the Democratic primary to take over for James “FEDS at the Door” DeLeo. I have not made up my mind in this race, but John would be a strong choice and any friend of Mary O’Connor 41St Ward Committeeman, is a friend of mine. John was very interested in hearing what the Chicago Water Department crew had to say. We need more politicians that are able to do so. Please contact John and see if he would be a good candidate to represent you and you community. Go to his website here: http://www.mulroeforsenate.com/ Photo by Patrick McDonough