The Chicago Parking Meter Problems Continue this winter

Chicago Parking Meter Problems 1.jpg GreekTown is a section of Chicago known for some great Greek restaurants. A couple of days ago, I went down to get some cheese that made my tummy feel great. I also met my new and famous teacher that is going to clean up some unfinished ends in my photo skills. Before I had the meeting, I had to find a spot and everything was taken except some metered areas. I was getting ready to pay when an older lady was trying to walk through the snow and feed the machine. The least Daley could do was make sure the access to the meters meet handicap access rules. People should not have to feed the meters if there is not proper accessibility for everyone. Daley made chumps of everyone when he made this deal. Photo by Patrick McDonough

One Reply to “The Chicago Parking Meter Problems Continue this winter”

  1. And Daley lied! He said the city was cash strapped so we needed to sell the meters. Well Daley is spending an extra $700 million a year through his tax financed slush fund. All he had to do was nix his slush fund spending for a year and a half and we would not have to sell the meters. And, And, what about that $350 million dollar moth balled train station to no where? You know, I think the one that the Talking Heads sang a song about “We’re on a road to no where, come take a ride, we’ll take a ride,”That’s where that block 37 train station takes us to, NO WHERE! ARGGGGGGGH!

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