Attorney Burt Odelson and Patrick McDonough file against Rahm Emanuel's Mayoral Run

Burt Odelson files against Rahm Emanuel.jpg Looks like Jay Levine of CBS2 shook Jan Schakowsky out of her hidden addenda to support Rahm Emanuel for Mayor of Chicago. It took objections filed by Patrick McDonough and Election Attorney Burt Odelson today. Maybe Jan Schakowsky is really concerned because the North-side Democrats already made the deal to support Rahm. It is no secret the wards that violated the Shakman Decree, used political muscle, corruption, and criminal activities had the deal signed long ago. Most of these ward goons never admit who they support because they cover their bases and are cowards. In a video at the Chicago Columbus Day Parade, Chicago Department of Water Management no-show employee and double dipper, John D’Amico was following Rahm Emanuel around like a lost puppy until the TV cameras showed up. The State Representative and part of the Laurino clan knows the deal was set a long time ago. If you think about it, Jan has no business worrying about the Chicago Mayoral race at all. She is just covering her rear-end when Daley steps down and all the hiring and contract fraud is exposed. Rahm will allow the statute of limitations to expire. Just remember this Chicago Voters; Rahm Emanuel is at a big shot basketball game in California texting to all his friends in the Chicago media business. The rest of the Chicago Mayoral hopefuls were serving Chicago homeless a thanksgiving meal. Rahm is not a resident of the City of Chicago. I also made a formal complaint to the Chicago Office of the Inspector General a few days ago about Rahm. Chicago city workers were fired despite the fact they lived in Chicago in residency claims they could not afford to appeal. We demand the Office of the Inspector General make a ruling as to the law regarding Rahm’s residency. Enough city workers have been fired for less, you cannot have it both ways Jan and the OIG. I will have more on the Rahm inside deals soon, not now. Photo by Patrick McDonough

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  1. The Emanuel camp argues that Emanuel always intended to return to Chicago and he left only to serve Obama. Schakowsky said in a conference call organized by the Emanuel campaign, “Rahm should not be punished for responding to the call of the president.”

    Odelson argues that the law will weigh physical presence–not intent. Emanuel rented out his Chicago home when he moved to Washington, with a lease running to next June.

    Schakowsky said she was trying to “stop the efforts to hijack the election” from a group of “insiders” who she did not name.

    All of a sudden Emanuel is not an insider in the political world he inhabits in Chicago?

  2. So has anyone files a challenge to Patrick McDonough Petitions yet since he is a resident of the 48th Ward? If not it will be on Monday. Pat the IGO has no Jurisdiction over mayoral candidates as candidates. (Response) Yes they do. Please post your name.

  3. McDonough, why don’t you spend some time an effort posting what your intentions are for the ward you are running for alderman for instead of wasting time on an election that you are not running for? I’m wondering when & where you will finally state your real intentions about the ward. All this stuff you post on here is getting tiring. People want to know what you will do to help the ward. Put some effort into that. (Response) That is a great idea, thanks for the suggestion! I will let Mr. McDonough know!

  4. (Response) Yes they do. Please post your name.

    How about YOU post your name in your response as well. (Response) My name is Eve, what is the chance of that!

  5. how about opening up the posts Pat, and put a disclaimer, then you can just remove the hateful stuff, and yes, gay people should be allowed to marry, equal rights, they deserve to be miserable also. (Response) I will ask Mr. McDonough if that is OK. It was attemped before and the goofballs went crazy!

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