Fire Hydrants Broken in Humboldt Park Fire, Man dead and burned

CBS NEWS WITH Chicago OIG BOSS Jow Ferguson Humboldt Park man dies in overnight house fire
BY ALLISON HORTON Staff Reporter October 27, 2012 9:40AM
An overnight fire in a Humboldt Park home killed a man and injured another.
Jaime Martinez, 43, was badly burned in the 1:30 a.m. Saturday fire in his home in the 1600 block of North Central Park Avenue, authorities said.
He suffered second and third degree burns and smoke inhalation.
He was pronounced dead at St. Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center at 2:05 a.m., according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office.
A second man was also taken to St. Mary after suffering from smoke inhalation.

And now the rest of the story from Chicago Clout. Please see the picture of a CBS 2 NEWS cameraman taking video today of one of the fire hydrants that served the fire in this man’s death. After the fire, Chicago firefighters needed to call the Department of Water Management to shut down the water main. This fire was served by two (YES TWO) broken fire hydrants. The hydrants are still broken and out of service. Hydrant caps were installed to stop the hydrants from flooding the area until the Hydrant Truck can be dispatched, and that could be months. Note to Joe Ferguson: I did not call CBS2 NEWS JOEY, so do not subpoena my personal phone records. The Chicago Office of the Inspector General has known for years about the broken fire hydrants and is part of the cover-up so politician’s kids can continue to feed at the trough. We really need to stop whistleblower retaliation by the O.I.G., time to have the FEDS take over.

Office of Inspector General still fooling around last week

Last week, four city of Chicago, Department of Water Management employees went to the Office of the Inspector General for an assault that happened over one year ago. One driver was sent to central district while the “investigation” took place. Could you imagine the money spent not even including the truck and driver dispatched to drive them all downtown? I think the three employees in the south district should make sure they call their Alderman and get off the hook. I want to know why the OIG waits so long, when memories are faded, and employees forget what happened. We will keep an eye on the outcome of this craziness. Taxpayers pay five employees to wait around most the day, at least two OIG investigators (I use the term loosely), and various DOWM staff to monitor and coordinate. This is costing the taxpayers thousands for the dog and pony show. The Inspector General looks the other way when complaints are made against politically connected employees. Amazing. I thought Rahm Emanuel was going to change Business as Usual. Patrick McDonough

Chicago Police Officer Kevin Duffy vs. Judge Haberkorn of Park Ridge

Hello Chicago Clout fans and I want you to take interest in what could be best described as Judicial Misconduct. I could also call this story much to do about nothing until Clout takes over. I'll tell this story as fair as I can, but as a City of Chicago employee, I hope I can explain what happens when someone has clout. I stumbled upon this story as I am working on several police misconduct cases while we speak. Many misconduct cases are sweep under the rug when a cop has clout. I have witnessed several black kids getting their heads beat by Chicago Cops and nothing was ever done. I have also watched many brave cops complete their duty without as much as a thank you. That goes with the territory in Chicago. The two decades of Daley and his henchmen has destroyed our faith in Chicago Government. The current problem is the clowns Daley put in charge are the same goofs promoting more of their kind into positions of power. The circle of stupidity continues. The taxpayer keeps getting slaughtered with lawsuits and disgruntled workers. I am hoping Chicago Clout Michael Volpe can do an in-depth interview with Kevin Duffy and or his Attorney Blake Horwitz of Chicago.
Here is the story short form, the Kevin Duffy story with-out giving away personal details. There is a large office complex in Park Ridge and next to it is a large condominium Complex with multiple floors. At least four that I can remember as a friend of mine lived there. (March of 2008) Officer Kevin Duffy was parked in the office building parking lot late at night. He alleged he was smoking a cigar. He was in his personal vehicle. He was standing outside his car and as best I can tell, walking around puffing on the cigar. There are small shrubs and some small trees at the site. Some video evidence exists but it is not available for some reason. It seems in documents; Catherine Habercorn was worried four stories up in the air about Kevin's car and Kevin in the parking lot. It seems Catherine Haberkorn was so scared about this mystery man in the office parking lot, she had her daughter "at a high rate of speed" chase Kevin to get his License Plates. Some of the documents also accuse Kevin flashing his headlights into a "forth story residence". How in the hell is that possible? I think at best it might have been possible his tires might have squeaked on the smooth blacktop when he made a turn since he had a new car.
So it looks like a simple story and we all go home? No, Judge Catherine Haberkorn has clout and Kevin Duffy does not. Several branches of investigative authorities put the poor guy through the ringer which almost destroyed his career. I am not surprised many of the official reports have spelling errors and conflicting statements. Chicago Clout is going to closely watch the upcoming election of Judge Catherine Haberkorn. I hope the media takes a closer look at this loose cannon. Many Judges hide behind their robes and misuse their power. Enough is enough. Patrick McDonough

Another Cover-up for Daley's Hired Truck Royal Family. Water Department scams public!

Thursday April 27, 2011 was another great day for the Daley faithful at the City of Chicago, Department of Water Management. Thomas “Tom” Tadin enjoyed another party on the taxpayer’s dime. The morning party was described a “just a coffee” by the Commissioner’s office. I asked Tom LaPorte, the department’s spokesperson what happened on Thursday and he stated, “I have no idea what you are talking about”. These type answers calls for the termination of this joker. Will Rahm Emanuel keep folks like this on the payroll? Just a decade ago, the Jardine Plant was known as “Plato’s Retreat”. Wild City Workers enjoyed everything but an honest day’s work. Clouted City Workers usually turn in their I.D.s in the morning of their last day, turn around and go home. They just need to stick it to taxpayer’s one last time. Maybe Tom will tell us about Friday morning. On another note, insiders at the Water Department need to look closely at the picture in this story, do go too far when you retire, you will be back! Will Rahm Emanuel fire all these Level 51 party animals, or get seduced by the loose money and temptation? God only knows! NEXT TIME: post all notices of your parties, I will find out anyway! Photo by Patrick McDonough. ]]> Continue reading “Another Cover-up for Daley's Hired Truck Royal Family. Water Department scams public!”

Attorney Burt Odelson and Patrick McDonough file against Rahm Emanuel's Mayoral Run

Burt Odelson files against Rahm Emanuel.jpg Looks like Jay Levine of CBS2 shook Jan Schakowsky out of her hidden addenda to support Rahm Emanuel for Mayor of Chicago. It took objections filed by Patrick McDonough and Election Attorney Burt Odelson today. Maybe Jan Schakowsky is really concerned because the North-side Democrats already made the deal to support Rahm. It is no secret the wards that violated the Shakman Decree, used political muscle, corruption, and criminal activities had the deal signed long ago. Most of these ward goons never admit who they support because they cover their bases and are cowards. In a video at the Chicago Columbus Day Parade, Chicago Department of Water Management no-show employee and double dipper, John D’Amico was following Rahm Emanuel around like a lost puppy until the TV cameras showed up. The State Representative and part of the Laurino clan knows the deal was set a long time ago. If you think about it, Jan has no business worrying about the Chicago Mayoral race at all. She is just covering her rear-end when Daley steps down and all the hiring and contract fraud is exposed. Rahm will allow the statute of limitations to expire. Just remember this Chicago Voters; Rahm Emanuel is at a big shot basketball game in California texting to all his friends in the Chicago media business. The rest of the Chicago Mayoral hopefuls were serving Chicago homeless a thanksgiving meal. Rahm is not a resident of the City of Chicago. I also made a formal complaint to the Chicago Office of the Inspector General a few days ago about Rahm. Chicago city workers were fired despite the fact they lived in Chicago in residency claims they could not afford to appeal. We demand the Office of the Inspector General make a ruling as to the law regarding Rahm’s residency. Enough city workers have been fired for less, you cannot have it both ways Jan and the OIG. I will have more on the Rahm inside deals soon, not now. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Charles Rangel gets lynched, White Mayor Richard Daley walks

Mayor Daley UNCF 1 Chicago Clout Mayor Daley was very lucky a year ago not to get his tail end in hot water misusing his position to advance causes using the taxpayer’s money. Fran Spielman caught Mayor Daley promoting the United Negro College Fund using Chicago City Workers. The problem is simple; City workers are paid to complete work with-in their job description. If you know these workers, they should produce a work product that that is directly related to their department. Taxpayers do not all agree Mayor Daley should steal employees to produce money for his pet causes so he can sit around and get a pat on the back. I am concerned because the Chicago Office of the Inspector General has again allowed this type of fraud to continue. I hope all of these employees are fired for fraud. I hope all the employees placing these posters around on city sites are fired. Just a couple of months ago, several employees were collecting cash with no receipts for this same cause. Ironically, Charles Rangel of the U.S. Congress was using his position to collect funds to promote causes for black folks in his backyard and he is in trouble. I guess you need to be white like Mayor Daley and nothing will happen. I hope Obama helps a brother out. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Is Mayor Daley's contractor Christy Webber wasting water?

Christy Webber Wasting Water/ Chicago Clout Today was another mess for Chicago taxpayers thanks to scams by Mayor Daley friends and family contracts. Anyone driving down Peterson Avenue near Keating would have witnesses an accident that might have been caused by a water leak from the Landscaping maintained by Christy Webber Landscapes and Central Sprinkler Company. I have made Chicago Clout insiders aware of another one of Mayor Daley’s preferred contactors making unneeded expenses for broke Chicago taxpayers. This massive tanker of water uses two workers to drive around and water plants despite it being late in the season. The two workers were watering the plants on October 8, 2010. Not a bad thing you say? Before you start you hating, The City of Chicago paid to have a sprinkler system installed. The Sprinkler system is maintained by Central Sprinkler from Elk Grove. Some of these sprinklers are flooding Peterson causing dangerous conditions. Why in the hell would Daley hire a company to take Chicago City Water from a Fire Hydrant, load the water into a tanker, and then hire two workers to water plants? Why does this scam really stink to high heaven? Why does the sprinkler system not work? Who approved this contact extra? Are idiots running Chicago? Why are the Chicago drivers in danger as they cruise through Peterson Avenue? Today, Chicago City workers were not paid, but Daley’s private contractors continued to do nothing? The Chicago Unions controlled by Daley really did a number on everyone, again. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Mayor Daley has the Negroes marching while the Hispanics work.

Panamerican construction Chicago Chicago has been a laughing stock of America lately, Daley had his pride hurt when Rahm made an ass of Daley by joking around he would like to be mayor of Chicago. Rahm has no interest of becoming mayor of Chicago because it would be a large demotion. Quinn got it right. John Fritchey an Illinois State Representative from Chicago suggested the Illinois Guard called to restore calm in Chicago’s streets. Daley and the Chicago press have not been reporting the nuts and bolts of Chicago’s actual financial condition. The City of Chicago and the State of Illinois are in dire straits. Taxes need to be increased dramatically as soon as possible. That is a fact. Instead Daley has been acting like an infant squealing about guns, new gun control laws, playing the blame game on gangs in black neighborhoods. The facts are clear, Daley is paranoid anyone would get any positive press like Rahm or John Fritchey. Daley will not, cannot, and has never done anything about the blacks living condition, other than watch it become worse. I will make it very simple. Blacks are going to march downtown demanding more from Illinois. Sooooooooo……In the meantime, contracts fixing the streets will go to companies like PanAmerican. The crew looked entirely Hispanic. One of the workers on the crew could hardly understand English, but he understood enough to return a stolen official Department of Water Management safety helmet. Are these workers union and paid prevailing wage? This happened on Wednesday April 28, 2010. Many contractors working for the City of Chicago hire whites and to a lesser extent Hispanics, many of the workers live in the suburbs. So I hope all my black brothers on the ready to march today understand something very simple. Look in your neighborhoods and count all the vacant businesses. Look at all the factories that have closed in your neighborhoods. The best bet will be to vote for another mayor of Chicago. Chicago has closed its doors to manufacturing. The black cut of the pie gets smaller and smaller. Chicago blacks need good paying jobs that can uplift the community. Forget the gang summits, forget the little crumbs, and let’s have some job summits for blacks in Chicago. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Reform minded Chicago City Workers Support David Hoffman for U.S. Senator from Illinois

David Hoffman Angelo Fata.jpg Make sure you get out and vote in Illinois. Angelo Fata has been a very loyal supporter for better government in Chicago. He is pictured with the former Inspector General of the City of Chicago, David Hoffman. David Hoffman will make a great Senator to help all workers in Illinois and throughout the United States. Many of the Chicago City Workers that stood up against corruption and waste will stand with David Hoffman on Election Day. I am an unabashed supporter of David Hoffman; I admire his accomplishments and courage to make America even better. We need to reward those that have fought for us, vote in support of David Hoffman. Photo by Patrick McDonough.