Did Michael Madigan and James Sullivan talk about pensions and unemployement?

Michael Madigan and James Sullivan.jpg Many Local 130 Plumbers are out of work thanks to the wild good times by James Sullivan of Local 130 and Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan. Local 130 goons are handing out Plumbing Licenses like candy! I wish Lisa Madigan would look into this racket. Plumbers in Illinois are losing their houses and starving to death. Please contact Patrick McDonough if you want more information. Plumbers Local 130 support Rahm for Mayor to continue the scams and rackets destroying Chicago.

48Th Ward Candidates step forward at last, time to debate NOW!

48TH Ward Candidates Patrick McDonough The order is complete for the 48Th Ward Aldermanic Candidate list. I was happy to find a total of five candidates. In order of registration these are the following names, Patrick McDonough, Harry Osterman, Steven Cheraska, Jose E. Arteaga, and Philip Bernstein. I was in line at about 4 something and had ticket number 33 the first day of filing petitions. Remember that could change on December 1, 2010. I admit I was waiting for Philip to get on the ballot and I saw his name the last day, what a relief. Philip is going to improve the quality of the debates in the wards. Today, I called Philip and re-invited him over to my place and film a half an hour so people can get to know him better. Philip accepted. Philip is going to ask Michael Volpe again to host. Michael Volpe asked Harry, but Harry has intermediaries and will not return phone calls. I also want to invite Steven and Jose over for a free photo shoot and a half hour video to assist their campaign. The 48Th ward needs change and some debate on the issues a.s.a.p. I had a wonderful one plus hour at Columbia College and videotaped the event. I will post it soon. I spoke to the class on issues facing the City of Chicago and the 48Th Ward. I hope a stooge from the 48Th insiders do not challenge the candidates again, this is an insult to all of us. Let the debates begin, Patrick McDonough.

Please park your City Water Truck in the correct spot, not the TV News Parking.

Chicago Water Truck at City Hall Friday November 19, 2010 was not a good day for Chicago’s big shot T.V. stars. One news celebrity was in court after speaking his mind to another reporter. I was very upset when I was at Chicago’s City Hall and found Chicago Sun-Times newspaper megastar Mark Brown’s non caring attitude towards a Chicago Department of Water Management employee’s careless parking in the reserved TV news section. I understand Mark Brown may be on a big story, but he should stand up to Water Department brass sneaking these prime parking spots. You should have special reserved parking permits in your window. These are obtained under scrutiny by the Chicago Police Department. Note to all employees, the Jardine plant has a van to bring you back and forth to City Hall. Let’s stop receiving unneeded attention from Chicago’s media. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Charles Rangel gets lynched, White Mayor Richard Daley walks

Mayor Daley UNCF 1 Chicago Clout Mayor Daley was very lucky a year ago not to get his tail end in hot water misusing his position to advance causes using the taxpayer’s money. Fran Spielman caught Mayor Daley promoting the United Negro College Fund using Chicago City Workers. The problem is simple; City workers are paid to complete work with-in their job description. If you know these workers, they should produce a work product that that is directly related to their department. Taxpayers do not all agree Mayor Daley should steal employees to produce money for his pet causes so he can sit around and get a pat on the back. I am concerned because the Chicago Office of the Inspector General has again allowed this type of fraud to continue. I hope all of these employees are fired for fraud. I hope all the employees placing these posters around on city sites are fired. Just a couple of months ago, several employees were collecting cash with no receipts for this same cause. Ironically, Charles Rangel of the U.S. Congress was using his position to collect funds to promote causes for black folks in his backyard and he is in trouble. I guess you need to be white like Mayor Daley and nothing will happen. I hope Obama helps a brother out. Photo by Patrick McDonough

Alderman Joe Moore for the 49Th Ward Heartland Cafe Fundraiser

Chicago's Alderman Joe Moore Fundraiser On November 15, 2010, the 49Th Ward held a nice fundraiser for Alderman Joe Moore. The party was at the famous Heartland Café 7000 North Glenwood in Chicago’s Northeast side. I was really happy to see Joe and also met with him very early in the morning downtown. I am certain Alderman Moore was very, very, tired from a long day. It was very nice to see all of his loyal supporters. I watched the video of neighbors in the 49Th Ward working together as a team to solve issues. I do not recommend many Chicago Aldermen’s return to duty, but I do strongly support Alderman Joe Moore. Pictured with Joe Moore are David, Patrick and Michael McDonough. Photo by Patrick McDonough. Please reelect Alderman Joe Moore.

Chicago Clout Suggests new Uniforms for Chicago Plumbing Inspectors

Chicago Clout Water Cops Final .jpgProgress is being made on required uniforms for Chicago Plumbing Inspectors. I think this is a great idea. My credit to the new Commissioner at the Department of Water Management. I also think these guys should wear badges when they shake contractors down for money. The badges were taken back a while ago. I hope you like my suggestions for these Plumbing Inspectors. I also hope the OIG realizes many employees are made security guards when they cannot perform their duties anymore. When will the IG get their ass down to the water department and find out which guys are not able to climb stairs and inspect plumbing? Separate rules for the clout heavy as usual. Let’s get David Hoffman back at the Office of the Inspector General in Chicago now. Photo retouched by Patrick McDonough.

Danny Davis was bright-eyed and ready to become Chicago's next Mayor

Danny Davis 1.jpg Too bad Chicago’s Media only respects the amount of money a candidate can pump into their coffers. It is time for change in Chicago. Danny David was always a true gentleman towards me and I enjoyed his hellos at Chicago’s CAN-TV. I took this picture at 69 West Washington early this morning. Time to get the debates going and quick. Photo by Patrick mcDonough.

Rahm ready to take over Daley's scam contract minority deals.

Long Street and Adddison 1.jpg Someday, Daley will wake up on his deathbed and feel regret for shortchanging the black community out of a fair share of his bogus minority set asides. Almost all the construction in the City of Chicago seems to go towards Hispanic Companies. Daley and his personal police, the Office of the Inspector General never check if these workers are paid prevailing wage. Today at Long Street and Addison, this company was saw cutting. This company’s name was not on the permit. Rahm is running for mayor of Chicago because he has Obama to cover the criminal activities in Chicago. If the Office of the Inspector General allows Rahm to run for Office of the Mayor of Chicago and not challenge his residency, than we know this office is a joke. Rahm was not in Chicago for two years, had no residence and the OIG fired many people for less. Let’s see if the legal system in Chicago is just for rich white folks. Photo by Patrick McDonough.