2 Replies to “Listen to all the Candidates in the 50Th Ward, Is the 48Th Ward Asleep?”

  1. Pat a few question that should have been posed to the candidates?

    Did Mr. Morris ever pay the fine he owed the State Board of Election from the 2003
    Aldermanic Elections for his failure to file proper and timely reports? Does
    he now have an active Political Fund registered with the Board. If so whats is
    the number of the fund and if not why is he raising funds?

    Mr. Brewer, did you at any time in 2005 to president represent yourself as the
    Architect of record for the building going up at 6401-25 N. Rockwell St to any
    citizen or governmental official

  2. AH, you tell us if the 48th is asleep. You’re running for the 48th. (Response) I am not sure, what is your take? I need a nap now.

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