Patrick McDonough objects to the Nomination Papers of: Rahm Emanuel

Patrick McDonough vs. Rahm Emanuel Residency Objector Thanks to WGN and ABC7 News. I had a chance to voice my opinions with the objectors in Patrick McDonough vs. Rahm Emanuel. No. 11-EB-MUN-007. This was on December 23, 2010. I will have a T.V. show soon so you can meet some of the objectors in person. The Chicago Media is joke in their unabashed support of the Rahm Emanuel’s Residency case. Many valid points were made and never played on the air. I also objected to the behavior by Attorneys from Mayer Brown LLP. This company makes millions of dollars from the City of Chicago and taxpayers. Is this because the City of Chicago lawyers are not able to defend a complex case? I think the law department under Mara Georges needs a cleaning. If you vote for Rahm, this will never happen. This photo was taken by Patrick McDonough from the WGN-TV website. I hope they do not mind since it is a picture of yours truly. God Bless all of you and all the people trying to clean up politics in Chicago. I hope you have a great new year.

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  1. Vendor Name: MAYER, BROWN, ROWE & MAW LLP
    Address: 190 S LA SALLE ST
    CHICAGO IL, 60603
    Contract: Direct Voucher Payments

    Voucher Number Date of Payment Payment Amount
    PV31103104558 12/21/2010 $2,153.50
    PV27102701252 12/17/2010 $58,311.60
    PV27102701126 11/18/2010 $10,059.50
    PV27102701127 11/18/2010 $10,675.99
    PV27102701128 11/18/2010 $7,791.36
    PV31103103247 09/17/2010 $24,485.00
    PV31103102949 08/26/2010 $63,707.23
    PV31103103037 08/26/2010 $20,384.50
    PV31103102855 08/16/2010 $1,121.00
    PV31103102707 08/10/2010 $37,996.00
    PV27102700675 07/27/2010 $19,261.97
    PV27102700676 07/27/2010 $54,611.42
    PV31103102518 07/23/2010 $920.20
    PV27102700604 07/20/2010 $63,097.87
    PV27102700437 05/24/2010 $6,018.00
    PV31103101351 05/04/2010 $1,799.50
    PV31103101303 04/29/2010 $4,218.50
    PV31103100647 03/25/2010 $3,569.50
    PV31093105600 02/08/2010 $295.00
    PV27092701464 02/04/2010 $14,809.00
    PV31093105431 02/03/2010 $161.00
    PV27092701449 02/02/2010 $1,386.50
    PV27092701451 02/02/2010 $28,652.87
    PV27092701422 01/19/2010 $94,034.60
    PV31093105136 01/13/2010 $28,408.50
    Total $557,930.11

  2. Pat,
    Is that real enough for you?
    (Response) Make sure you let me know who you are to post on Chicago Clout. You can email me. If you want to be a fool post your child porn elsewhere. Not here. Move along.

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