Today was a long day for Rahm Emanuel and the Board of Elections.

Rahm Emanuel/ChicagoClout/PatrickMcDonough Rahm Emanuel had a very long day at the Chicago Board of Elections. Attorney Russ Stewart did an amazing job on behalf of Patrick McDonough of Chicago Clout, objector. The Chicago Media has made Rahm Emanuel the chosen one. It is not the way it is to go after having a nut case like Daley for the last twenty years. Photo by Patrick McDonough

3 Replies to “Today was a long day for Rahm Emanuel and the Board of Elections.”

  1. You are wasting you time with this witch hunt! In the end he will be allowed to run, and will be the next mayor of chicago.

  2. I attended much of the hearing.

    And Rahm is one of the snarkiest people I have ever seen and heard!

    He isn’t so smart.

    But he was savvy in 1989 when he went to work for Daley raising money. The rest of his political career follows from that –The Clintons, investment banker, elected to Congress with the help of ex-convict, felon Don Tomczak and the illegal army of patronage workers. And then working for Emil Jones’ protege Barack Obama.

    Rahm is not the guy Chicago should elect.

    I hope hearing officer Morris finds he is not a resident. Then we will get to watch the not so blind judges and justices of the Illinois judiciary fall in line with the Daley administration that got them their judgeships and put Rahm on the ballot.

    And then we will have to vote to make sure that Rahm is not elected. And if he is, its time to leave Chitown!

    As to the retiring Daley, it found it interesting that last week the former mayor of Detroit and some of his cronies were indicted. What a miracle it would be if the FEDS did go after Daley after he is out of office.

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