The Chicago Sun-Times crosses the ethics line in Chicago Politics

The Chicago Sun-Times has been in a Rahm Emanuel stupor for far too long. The Chicago Sun-Times has been outrageous in its blatant support of Rahm Emanuel for mayor of Chicago. I have watched the newspaper threaten appellate court judges and press the Rahm agenda. They forget they have a duty to inform the public. The public was never informed of the real technicalities in the Rahm Residency case, selling the ignorant on making the case "let the public decide". The newspapers have not given a fair chance to the public sponsoring the debates we all need. The Sun-Times endorsed a candidate in the 48Th Ward without giving a single compelling reason. Today, I got a phone call from a Sun-Times writer, Stefano Esposito. He asked me, 'What about my lack of vision for the 48Th Ward"? He asked that before asking my vision for the 48Th Ward. The Sun-Times and I go back for over a decade, I assisted in many stories. I kept away from the Sun-Times because of possible ethic violations. I am a member of a professional journalistic society. The Sun-Times has blown any credibility in Aldermanic races and the 48Th Ward with splendor. Their choice in the 36Th Ward is a farce. I think the Sun-Times is trying to sell the snow job on the 48Th. The Sun-Times should demand debates in all wards.

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  1. Pat,

    first agree with your story about fire-hydrants. Fireman should not have to did these out. Rather Water Maagement Plumbers who ride around on trucks can do it as they seem to have time during their work day to take lots of photos(like yourself).

    Any yes Pat the Suntimes got it right on the Mayors race and the 48th Ward…ytou are a after thougt, a blib off the radar. You wree like Jsy Stone in the Mayors race. A press hungry Nobody. (Response) you got one thing right and that is a miracle. Press hungry? That you got wrong, but nice try. Your spelling is not very good!

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