Chicago Department of Water Management Foreman ordered to use shoring again

shoring injury The first of several complaints many years ago never made it through the heads of Mayor Daley’s employees. Many Chicago Department of Water Management employees received their promotions thanks to politics. This tradition continues despite than many complaints from non-clouted workers. Several of the foremen were reminded to place the shoring in the ditches to save lives. Chicago Whistleblower Patrick McDonough was made aware some crews on the Southside were caught again with-out the shoring. The Illinois Department of Labor is in charge of enforcement at the Department. I do not know why the Water Department does not enforce this common sense safety rule. I suggest privatizing all pipe work and firing the every foreman and their superiors in the Department. Rahm Emanuel might start to enforce the rules and save lives. Chicago Clout will start to videotape again until safety rules are back in place. Remember, if your boss asks you to work in a ditch with no shoring, call the commissioner. Save your job.

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  1. Pat, the meeting was on April 18, 2011 with the North District guys. The commissioner was talking to the foremen. The workers were not allowed in the meeting. This is bullshit. All the District superintendents were also at the meeting. The new Superintendent was a no show.

  2. Pat, remember Water Management will be privatized, Illinois American will be the company all Water Management employees update those resumes as if you want to keep doing what you are doing they will have to hire you, same for inspectors, if you have the time, retire and apply at Illinois American nothing wrong with double dipping.
    check out Illinois Americans web site here…..

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