Chicago employees written up for not campaigning for Rahm Emanuel

Several City of Chicago Department of Water Management employees will undergo grilling for alleged complaints from showing up late to work to sleeping on the job on April 20, 2011 at 1424 West Pershing Road. Some of the employees said the Water Department looks away from complaints made against employees working for Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Democratic machine. One employee stealing money and submitting false expense reports was not disciplined at all. One employee with a no-show do nothing job is untouchable said a high ranking insider. The non-political workers will be an example of the Department of Water Management attempting to show Rahm Emanuel their jobs are needed. "I think we need to remove all of Mayor Daley's do nothing hacks that have kept the Water Department in the Newspapers for the last decade", a Rahm insider leaked out today. Chicago Clout gave a list of Water Department management employees involved with the Hired Truck Scandals to the contractor scams that have destroyed the department to the transition teams. Chicago Clout also gave the names of management that earns their money. We need to clean up the dirty water in Chicago.

3 Replies to “Chicago employees written up for not campaigning for Rahm Emanuel”

  1. Now we can all live a lot longer Pat, we don’t have daley to raise our blood pressure over anymore. But know this pat, Daley did not want to retire, it was his 33% approval rating that made the crook not wanting to be thrown out of office. He wanted to keep his prestige intact so he declined to run again. We won Pat. Don’t you doubt it for a minute. You and I both know that a Daley would never ever leave office. But leaving was better than losing and becoming a small man.

  2. Yes Daley is gone!! But what did we get in return?
    We got another puppet that takes orders, but from whom is the question.
    Pat the things that happen in Watermanagement is still the same, this one tells this one then the other tells that one to do something against us. Its all a conspiracy, (A conspiracy is when 2 or more people decide on what to do to cause pain and suffering for or to an individual) I think we ALL should call (FBI) for in investigation into the corruption in the water management They are so many people involved in this corruption. Keep calling the newspapers!!!
    (Response) Keep calling them what?

  3. Name the so-called no-shows Pat..grow some balls for a change!
    (Response) Sorry, a no-show again.

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