Chicago Department of Water Managment Employee assaulted June 5, 2011

Chicago-20110605-00306 assalt final.jpg June 5, 2011 was not a good day for City of Chicago Department of Water Management Plumber Patrick McDonough. Another employee took it upon himself to allegedly call Patrick McDonough a “fu*king Asshole.” Patrick McDonough takes pride in keeping his assigned vehicle clean and neat. Night crew workers have been sleeping all night in his truck, wearing out the air-conditioning, and taking parts to fix up their trucks. One of the laborers took some stolen parts back from another driver’s truck, and you guessed it, Patrick McDonough got blamed. This is the third alleged assault from this driver according to sources. This driver was caught smoking in the trucks before and a verbal reprimand was given. A boss blamed the leak desk when they were not able to get ahold of him. Another assault happened again while the Plumber was attempting to leave home. The Chicago Police were called and the driver admitted to the verbal assault. The police said this is an internal matter and left. They said the same thing when a State Senator Munoz’s brother also allegedly assaulted another city worker. Both workers were drug tested which makes no sense at all. The Violence in the Workplace rules were not followed and the Water Department has still not made provisions to assist the victim with needed paperwork followup. Supervisors were also interfering with attempting to settle the matter “off the books” on Wednesday. The Office of the Inspector General are still not providing answers. I will get back to you on this story as things progress. If we have zero tolerance, let’s have zero tolerance. The alleged offender had family fired from the Hired Truck Scandal from the Water Department, time to let the grudge go dude! The victim was kicked off his new truck and thrown into the oldest junk truck in the fleet. It is called retaliation. ]]>ViolenceintheWorkplacePolicy.pdf

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  1. Patrick,
    Is this the same guy that drives crazy (like a taxi driver)while working in the sunnyside yard at 4900 w Sunnyside. with his sidekicker “joe FAT GUY b@#$%^” I used to call these guys the 3 musketeers, because they were always together while at work? did the driver ever get “time off” for smashing the “new truck” into a hole or backed up into a huge pothole damaging the truck’s rear bumper? Is this the same guy that cuss’s at people while driving? It could be that his driving skills are the same as some bad Taxi driver mentallities? and of course they lie when confronted by the police? Patrick if this guy had a hand into the hired truck why isn’t he in jail? but the other questions are dealing with ethics did he file a report? Sorry not reports but reportS!! This guy HAS to file reports he could get terminated if he has not filed any!!!!!!!!.
    Pat I got a bad taste in my mouth about the IG, they do nothing to investigate any corruption they are mention to them. Its like talking to the wall. I think the newspaprers would love to read a story about this and the driver. Patrick when you go to COURT about this guy call me to be a witness !!!! I got stuff on this guy that will make your hair stand up!!! this guy could get fired from the city. with his side kicker JB.

  2. You are telling someone else to let their grudge go? This entire website exist because you can not let your grudge go, look in the mirror sometime. (Response) I looked in the mirror and was very happy, very happy!)

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