Illinois State Representative Kelly Cassidy… another one trick pony

The Chicago Gay Pride Parade has some tires slashed by some 11th Ward goofballs. Almost every reporter in Chicago felt a need to defend the gay community. They were so outraged. The big quote was Kelly Cassidy just another political hack from the Andersonville and appointee because she is gay. She replaced Harry Osterman, another one trick pony that never did a mentionable thing in the state house. Both of these goofs will not debate and hide behind the Democratic Party. Both are professional victims, making a republican ransom for their services. I wish the reporters would just talk about the Gay Community's agenda and what they are trying to accomplish. I think the Gay community is a little farther along than the press gives them credit for. I just want to know how this could happen with new Mayor Rahm Emanuel? Where are the cops we were promised? Good night dudes.