Licensed Plumber and Plumbing Inspector new Superintendent in Chicago Water North District

City of Chicago Department of Water Management was rocked by allegations of overt racism at the North District Department of Water Management when Paul Hansen, son of former Alderman Hansen, sent racist, homophobic emails on Department email servers. Even though the Chicago Inspector General knew about these problems for over 10 years, nothing was done. The North District Water Department was subject to from page news for over 20 years by political journalists like Fran Spielman and Mark ‘retired?’ Brown and others. There is no excuse for the cover-up made by Mayor Rahm Emanuel all these years, but politics always trumped moral righteousness.


The North District Superintendent has always been run by political hacks (in my opinion) in the past. The job entailed shaking down workers for bribes, assigning easy work for the unions and the management, and provided expedited service requests for Alderman and the Mayor’s Office. Nothing in this position’s past supported qualified licensed and skilled qualities that would have made the department run better.


On October 16, 2018, Commissioner Randy Conner approved Andrew Bonaparte to take the position of North District Superintendent. According to many employees, Andrew has been one of the finest ADS in the history of the Department. Some local politicians are furious at the appointment. Many department employees refuse to take orders from a “fucking nigger”. The racism is already started with the “N” painted in the bathroom and quickly taken down. Pictures have been sent to Chicago City Council, the Mayor’s Office, and the Inspector General today. Despite the fact, Andrew is the first ever Superintendent to have all qualifying educational necessaries as required by the Chicago Plumbing Code, the racists are in full swing. Workers are demanding an investigation by Plumbers’ Local 130 and a public release of the racial graffiti in full cover-up mode.


When Randy Conner finally got things right, I must give him his props. It took courage to appoint Andrew Bonaparte to this position, but it is about time. Maybe the Department of Water Management can allow this black man to guide the Department back to its old glory.


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  1. Congratulations to my good friend Andrew and his promotion me and my family will pray for you Andrew and for the entire Water Management Dept.

  2. I am very happy to learn the choice that was made to appoint Mr Andrew Bonaparte the first every with all the quailfications for this position North District Superintendent.Cogratulations

  3. Congratulations to Andrew Bonaparte he’s a very intelligent smart man. I am confident he will do a great job as district superintendent. Andrew is hard-working honest and fair. I’m happy for my friend who’s very qualified in this position.

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