In Chicago, the 14th Ward has many concerned citizens. The 14th Ward has an active IPO or an Independent Political Organization. On November 9, 2018, at Nightingale School in Chicago, the IPO made an amazing presentation of the health of the 14th ward. In the presentation, the group outlines all the necessary statistics that tell you what the makeup of the Ward is. Facts included the wealth, lack of wealth, the neighborhoods, the poverty levels. The facts also reflect the minority makeup, resident’s financial situation, and a number of residents on food stamps. I feel the reason for the fact giving secession was to relay the facts based on information provided by government agencies.


One of the most telling sources of information is from the Illinois Sunshine Organization. I hope the residents in the 14Th ward understand the massive campaign donations to Ed Burke are pay to play. All this money goes in Burk’s pocket and his wealthy pockets. The 14Th ward needs massive campaign infusions and Burke failed to deliver. Burke took almost every penny from organizations outside the ward. Burke took lots of money from President Trump and many Republican organizations tied into companies that do business with the City of Chicago.


Just like the Irish went to bat for the Irish many years ago, the Hispanic majority must come together to elect Hispanic leadership to reflect the ward. Burke is out and outstayed his welcome. Reach the 14th ward at  Just get the facts.

Nightingale Elementary School – 5250 S Rockwell Ave., Chicago IL 60632


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