Chicago Clout endorses Jose’ Luis Torrez 14th Ward Alderman




The City of Chicago needs young fresh talent to revitalize the neighborhoods of Chicago. One of the wards in need of leadership is Chicago’s 14th Ward. I was impressed by Jose’ Luis Torrez as he was very passionate about his ward. Jose’ has left no stone unturned, he has been knocking on every door and listening to everyone in the ward. Jose’ is also bi-lingual and very well educated. Jose’ has the pulse on the 14th ward.


Jose’ nearest rival is Jamie Guzmán. Jamie is also well spoken and bi-lingual. Jamie is smart and sophisticated. Jamie would be our second choice for the 14th Ward.


The 14th ward has been left in a state of disrepair by Ed Burke. Burke has used the Aldermanic position to reward his fellow alderman in different wards to increase power.

When I asked Alderman Austin why this was, she said, “That’s the way it is”. Burke has used his position to reward his family and friends. Burke has no clue any more and fails to deliver the goods. The residents in the 14Th Ward want someone that looks like them, talks like them, and fits into the community. Burke has left the 14th ward lacking the amenities the rich wealthy wards take for granted. What a shame, Burke kept all the cake for himself and his suburban elite friends. Burke could have planted businesses that do work with Chicago in his ward. Shame on Ed.


Good Luck 14th Ward.


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