Another Department of Water Management Guru Gone.

We made another phone call to the Department of Water Management media mogul Megan Vidas, an appointee of Rahm Emanuel pal and confidant David “Cocktail” Axelrod. Another day of lies, delusions, misunderstandings, and mess at the Chicago Water Department. Sure enough, the answer to all the DOWM problems was another political elitist Wallace Davis III. Since his high paying job needed expertise and education, failure was going to happen no matter what. It is a self-fulfilling prophesy.

The DOWM has done nothing about the CTR consultants that provide jobs to Park Ridge residents like John “waffle face” Kolomay. John Kolomay an expert plumbing parts stock boy from Niles Home Depot, spends much of the day smoking parliament cigarettes and drinking Dunkin’ Donuts. How is that for value. How does a political laborer continue to soak the Water Department for more money every day? The Chicago Inspector General fears political people, that’s how. John cries and call people that expose him, “troublemakers”.  John Kolomay needs to sign in and out at the same location so people do not pay him to clown around all day while Chicago goes into bankruptcy. Nice scam folks.

If John Kolomay wants to live in Park Ridge, he should quit his job and find a job in the suburbs.

Today, you can pay Wallace another $50.00 for the last time. He is going to join many contractors and city employees for his final goodbye. I attempted to contact him, but the tradition of swiping in the last day and going home is still in effect. I spoke to his assistant that can not find him. I expect Randy Connor and the rest of the DOWM to explain why this man is leaving and what his involvement with CTR and the sewer lining program led to his, “retirement”. Chicago taxpayers are tired of the lies and hiding behind homeland security to steal from honest taxpayers. Enough is enough. I though he was going to get it when a high-ranking lady left out of his house a few years ago in the morning. We know, more on this later. Enjoy the party, the new Mayor needs to clean out the DOWM.

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