Is Rahm Emanuel hanging Jussie Smollett? Is Kim Foxx foolish?

Rahm Emanuel is mad, fighting mad. Some actor pretended he was attacked, and Rahm Emanuel gave this actor the star treatment, as looked like an ass. Chicago media types are falling all over themselves vilifying Jessie “Jackson” Smollett. Why?

Rahm Emanuel had international attention and wanted to look like a hero. He also wanted to embarrass President Donald Trump. Rahm and the Chicago Police are not famous for solving any crimes. Rahm does not put the Chicago Police on any cases that he deems minor. Rahm Emanuel put the full force on when it came to Jussie due to his selfish ambitions. Rahm had every intention of finding some white hillbillies and getting as much attention as he could. Rahm wanted to milk this alleged event into making himself into a hero.

It all backfired. When Kim Foxx gave Jussie Smollett a pass, Rahm Emanuel looked like a national moron. When President Donald Trump called out Emanuel, he knew how foolish Chicago and the Mayor looked. Rahm Emanuel lost all three strikes in this mess.

Not long ago, Chicago police detectives went crazy when they were trying to solve who beat up Rahm’s kid right in front of his house. The Chicago Police were at Rahm’s directive to cover-up the case and leave the case still under investigation. Rahm did not want this out what was really going on when his son went across the street. Sometimes in life a deal goes bad and you get in deeper shit than you expect. It is a lesson in life some kids learn by and some do not. The Chicago police were dispatched when they found out a video of the event surfaced and demanded to retrieve it. The Jefferson Park Police Station was popping for answers, and the two detectives came up with nothing. If they kept their mouths shut, they were both promoted by Rahm.

Rahm Emanuel misused the Chicago Police to cover-up for his kids assault, keep his kid out of hot water, and continues to misuse the police to keep the attack under wraps. Problem is, when a video was made, it might be a mistake to release the report when it is full of lies. We will see. So, Emanuel is no different is misappropriating public servants and funds to his advantage. Rahm scams eight years of political promotions and made a lifetime of deals to profit on for the rest of his life. He also enjoyed using Donald Tomczak and DOWM employees to get political power. Maybe the Chicago Press will start asking Rahm a few questions for once. Rahm Emanuel put a noose around the Chicago media, maybe they will take it off in a couple of months. Kim Foxx, tell Emanuel to kiss your azz. But never pull that stunt again. It shows just how dirty Chicago is.

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