Chicago Water Consultant Probe Widens

Is there enough chlorine in Chicago drinking water to remove the feces? Do I mean fishes? No, SHIT. Somebody got things WONG. (Ah HA) Oh, Oscar!!

The City of Chicago Department of Water Management has many important jobs to do. To accomplish that goal they should hire licensed water experts. That can mean lab personnel, licensed plumbers, engineers, scientists, and licensed certified plumbing inspectors. For at least several decades, the Department hired political hacks, nobodies, fired alderman, criminal, child molesters, and consultants.

Rahm Emanuel has insisted on hacks, political operatives, and other non-qualified do nothing to cover-up crimes. Rahm Emanuel has allowed caulkers to again be hired despite a ban to do so. As soon as Plumbers’ Local 130 hired the likes of Mike Tierney, I knew the same old shit would happen again.

The DOWM is now under the microscope as the consultants failed to provide safe drinking water to the Chicago public and have an epidemic of major proportions on their hands. According to sources at the Mayor’s office, Rahm is shutting this down. Rahm ordered the Water Police out of the Jardine Plant to keep things under wraps. The Chief Plumbing Inspector and others just died. The City covered up he was living in the suburbs, but according to several insiders, the Inspector General was blackmailed into doing nothing. More on this later.

According to the Mayors’ Office, the Water Department chief honcho, Julie Hernandez-Pope-Hansen Tomlin, broke her foot and cannot return phone calls. I hope that was from her kicking the former consultants that put Chicago drinking water in jeopardy out of the Jardine Plant. Also, the Commissioner’s Office, the Information Officer Megan Vadis, is not returning calls.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has a pipe lining program to avoid replacing sewer mains for a few extra years, and reputedly the sewer lines were placed too close to the water mains and now people are enjoying stool in their water. You might want to have a roll of Charmin to wipe your mouth after drinking water in Chicago folks. Drink bottled water and I suggest you stock up on all you can get.

Drink bottled water folks, you heard it here. This is Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s legacy. This is not the first time this has happened, this was front-page news in the Chicago Sun-Times when kids were drinking feces. In the Sun-Times, Rahm said nothing to a rude dude that said, “Make these media a-holes run some of these little pieces to off-set when [they] run all over the crappy shooting stories and tell them it’s their job to balance the news. We will see if the Chicago Media will investigate this. They won’t.

As the City of Chicago’s most powerful plumber, I say, “Don’t drink the water”. Also, if have a drink with a brown floater on the top of your glass, it is not peanut butter. You have been warned.

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