Chicago Department of Water Management Bloodletting

The City of Chicago is again quietly attempting to reconstruct. Future Mayor Lightfoot is going to have a major task deciding what to do with the most corrupt Department in Chicago. Is Lori Lightfoot going to attempt to keep the same management team, keep part of the management team, or do a complete overhaul? The Department of Water Management has separated key management personnel into two teams” Team Lightfoot and Team Preckwinkle. The Department of Water Management is under great strain to back the “right candidate” to keep their jobs. I am certain, the entire DOWM team is toast. The Unions are sick of all the horseplay, wasting time attempting to minimize the hassles their members have. Working for the DOWM is akin to a hellish nightmare.

To make things worse, Rahm Emanuel has been promoting many clout heavy workers to union covered positions and they can not be removed from service. According to one Lightfoot insider, that, “Ms. Lightfoot is fully aware and ready address damage control.” “Ms. Lightfoot is ready to right the ship and take drastic measures to have the kind of leadership that will not make newspapers for the next few years.”

Consulting companies hidden quietly in the Jardine Plant are going to strip the bark off the tree. Rahm Emanuel used DOWM contracts to entice companies to move to Chicago. The Chicago Media attends opulent corporate headquarter ceremonies to announce to the gullible public Rahm’s great achievements of landing company after company. Rahm Emanuel in his fancy suit forgot to tell the public, he gave no-bid contracts and set up insider deals for millions of dollars of no bid contracts, arranged takeovers of companies with the outsiders. Rahm Emanuel will make millions in speaking fees right after he steps down. The CTA, the Transportation Department, The DOWM, and others, had Commissioners that just stood by and allowed the criminal entities to flourish.

The face of the consulting business in Chicago is massively profitable, for lawyers, engineering firms, and others. The sale of bonds also profited insiders that know how to keep their mouths shut. Banking is great as Chicago poor struggle to pay the taxes, fines, and fees. I was not surprised how Rahm Emanuel stuck to the script when he announced EXP US Services chose Chicago to be its new home. All the cameras and reporters told a tale of Rahm’s newest conquest for the taxpayers of Chicago. The arrangement was complex as Teng got gobbled up. Amazing. Did Chicago become a winner when this company and others are really given massive amounts of incentives to move to Chicago? When basically the pieces of the pie is just resliced?

The Department of Water Management is again on high alert as consultants had failed miserably to serve taxpayers. The heat is on and folks are getting walked off the DOWM sites. One company in the picture above is called Reliable. They are experts on getting on the public grave train. Many contractors are on high alert for my calls. Today I tried to get a straight answer about a tumbling basin under construction at Belden and Milwaukee Avenue. The entire intersection is blocked off and work is slow a molasses.

The City crews worked hard and did the Lion’s share of the project on the side streets. The connection is part of a “Special Program”. I hope Lori Lightfoot looks at these “Special Programs”.  More on this later.

I am also almost complete with a multi-month video investigation and time delay investigation for Chicago Taxpayers. Somehow video cameras were mounted inside the grills of DOWM parked trucks, rental equipment, front end loaders, and various sites to verify theft of DOWM material. Amazing. Time delay and night vision are amazing tolls of the trade. After Rahm Emanuel leaves office, we are again going to demand the Chicago Police release the FOIA on Rahm’s son attack. Wait till you read that ditty.

I have not made my mind up on releasing several months of investigations into DOWM Management companies hiring folks that live in the suburbs. One of the consultants has a face so demented looking form decades of smoking, kissing ass, laughing at people, and backstabbing, one could not imagine allowing himself such abuse to oneself. Since his bosses are getting fired, I get to that story later. I again demand Megan Vidas to answer her phone. Chicago taxpayers are not paying you to play hide and go seek. Do your job and answer the press.

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