Chicago Water Department Armed Robbery and CarJack

When will the madness and coverups stop at the City of Chicago Department of Water Management?

When you are attempting to write a story, and the City of Chicago Department of Water Management media department of covering up crime and mayhem, what does a famous author do? I call my homey at the Mayor’s office and get the truth.

I have been reporting the constant crime spree at the Chicago Water Department for years and years. Only one person besides Rahm Emanuel should be blamed. Ralph “No Show” Chiczewski is leading a clown posse making every excuse in the book to hide the shenanigans at the water department. Ralph was sued by activist Andy Thayer of Loevy and Loevy. Another expensive lawsuit for Chicago taxpayers.

Andy Thayer is a friend of mine and a true friend of all Chicago.

Why the heck is Ralph still screwing around the Water Department when he has a nice CPD Police pension? Let’s find out.

On March 5, 2019 the following happened at the 2300 block of North Washtenaw.

A 57-year-old women was assaulted at a City of Chicago Sewer Pipe Job. The City of Chicago has many jobsites with large rental trailers with private security and watchmen. The watchmen do not carry PERK cards, guns, or are trained in security protocols. When the Lady was attempting to leave the jobsite, one of the offenders pointed a gun at the victim and ordered her to surrender her keys. The lady complied and ran down Washtenaw. The offenders took her car and then took off down Milwaukee Avenue.

The Security and Safety Department are in the process of hiring five more employees. Just what we need, more employees to tell Ralph what a great guy he is, as he shows up late to the Jardine Plant every day. Folks get shot in the face when working for the DOWM, assaulted by homeowners, scammed out of their benefits all the time. Maybe David Axelrod can bullshit Rahm about politics, but when he places his pals to do public relations at the water department, make sure Megan Vidis does her job.

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