William Daley lets down insiders

Not many people know I have more access than the average media T.V. Star. As the City’s most powerful Plumber, (had to say that) I have pretty good inside information that 99% of the population will never know. I leak things out to the media so they can sell some newspapers and T.V. ads to keep them going. Many times, the media shuts me down for a while and allows crap to get out of control. I than call my pals at the ‘Do Good Department”, and they get corruption under control. Sad but true.

I followed Daley and his campaign from the start. I followed some of Chicago’s sleaziest City Workers and Union Goons to get the inside scoop. Daley attracted former city workers fired for misconduct, and some of the nastiest azz kissers I ever met. I give this vermin credit, they know where their bread is buttered. They do not know how to work, but somehow find the next coattail to ride.

I also followed union reps and found them in bed with the business elite in Chicago. All for Daley. Daley was going to keep all the nasty pay to play City contractors and keep the unions running the jobs and contracts. Every insider at the Department of Water Management was going after Daley and making their presence known. Surely, they thought, Daley would keep all the Commissioners, and nothing would ever change.

Big juicy gift cards, hotels rooms, wife swapping, bar hopping, travel across the country.

Fancy clothes, cars, and big deals at the casino. What a lifestyle.

So how could the most well-known name in Chicago politics lose? What an insult. Bill was the inside guy that did all the inside deals. While Rich put his face in public, Bill hide in the boardroom. Obama gave Bill some resume padding with do nothing political jobs in D.C.

The real reasons why Bill Daley lost is because his own brother Richard Daley never said a word on his brothers’ behalf. Bill ratted out his brother and said he was his own man.

Jerry Joyce took the exact votes Daley needed. The Cops and Fireman screwed Daley.

Daley thought the election was his and missed debates. Susana Mendoza stuck it up his tush at debates. Daley taking the debate skip and showing up at the Plumbers Union showed Daley was bought by the Rahm Emanuel hoods. Lawyers and big business wanted “business as usual”.

Many Chicago City Commissioners are in real trouble now. Many Chicago vendors and their no-bid contracts are on the line. No bid contracts with law firms are on the line. Chicago has a real chance to fix the city, I suggest you take a close look at Lori Lightfoot.

Within a few months after the next election, if you see the same contractors and Commissioners, you know you were conned again.

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