Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Chicago Clout Demise?

The Honorable Mayor Lori Lightfoot

Many Chicago newspapers are giving Lori Lightfoot advice. Many Chicago media type are still giving Lori Lightfoot advice. I have covered many elections in my 30 years of political activism. I have made many friends that are lifetime pals. I have seen the worst in Chicago and I have fought hard against them. I have also had some major victories and many more defeats. Still, I never felt the same way for any candidate like I did for Lori Lightfoot. I am so happy for the future of Chicago and feel for the first time the thousands of hours exposing corruption had a winning day. A major victory of epic proportions. I still can not believe that all the folks in Chicago voted with such conviction. Amazing.

When Jay Stone and I filed a lawsuit against Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Alderman Edward Burke in January, long before the Chicago F.B.I. served up an arrest of Alderman Edward Burke, many lawyers in Chicago refused to take the case. They felt they would be subject to retaliation and black listing in the Chicago legal community. For many years, FOIA requests have been made to expose crooked Burke and all his machine goons stripping Chicago’s wealth for their personal benefit. Putting these numbers together would not have been possible without the brain power of Jay Stone and all the Chicago City workers that came together to expose the crime spree in Chicago. Two candidates came out and supported our efforts Lori Lightfoot and Willie Wilson. Reforming corruption in Chicago is not popular. This election was pure magic.

I look forward to victory Lori Lightfoot fought so hard for. I look forward to sharing her victory inauguration and the great honor I have been bestowed at that event. I look forward to cleaning up the mess left for all Chicago to fix. I have the greatest desire to see a victorious revival for all Chicago. I am grateful too all Chicago City Workers that wanted to reform Chicago all these years. While we have some unfinished business at Chicago Clout, I am certain Mayor Lori Lightfoot will change the tone of Chicago Clout, to a website that will expose all the good things about Chicago. Or shut down. The ghost of Harold Washington is upon us.

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