Chicago Department of Water Management State Rep. Fraud continues with Williams

The City of Chicago is known for in your face corruption and can not change. I was dumbfounded by the Sun-Times Article about Alderman Walter Burnett’s son-in-law. The Sun-Times failed to dig in deep enough into the real reasons why Jawaharial “Omar” Williams should not be the Illinois State Representative of the 10 District. “Jay” is just another uneducated laborer at the Department of Water Management. If you want a representative that digs ditches, unloads pumps, and prepares holes for Licensed Plumbers, he is your choice. Illinois needs educated leadership to fix Chicago and Illinois. Rahm Emanuel approved this concession to help Tommy “Twinkle toes” Tunney obtain votes for Committee on Finance Chair.

Jay was just promoted to “Caulker”, a nice massive pay raise. Next in keeping with Department of Water Management tricks, he would quickly be promoted to Assistant District Superintendent.  John “timesheet fraud” D’Amico is hidden downtown at the Jardine Plant and as Illinois State Representative and enjoys a wonderful double dipping job. No one except watchful folks know what John D’Amico does all day. The Chicago newspapers have been part of the cover-up for two decades.

The Sun-Times also forgot to mention Jay and Alderman Edward Burke’s close and cozy workers compensation fraud coalition. Jay was always getting hurt and on workers compensation while loafin at the Department of Water Management. Despite Jay receiving Maximum Medical Improvement and sent to Vocational Training, Jay somehow managed to return to work. Alderman Edward Burke, the DOWM Personnel Department, and Commissioners greased to the path and large settlement and bi-monthly payments. Burke barked the orders and Monica Somerville his loyal assistant complied.

When Whites pull this shit the Chicago newspapers say nothing, but when a black man wants a piece of the gravy train they say something. Amazing. Joe Ferguson should be investigating the Workers Compensation fraud with Mr. Williams, but he will not until Rahm Emanuel steps down. Joe Ferguson is an ambulance chaser after the newspapers reveal fraud.

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  1. A guy makes an honest living digging ditches and you put his name down in the headlines as fraud? Shame on you. And you say Williams isn’t educated. Williams graduated from Northeastern.
    I came to this site for a little more information on the tenth district and all you can deliver is slander and propaganda. No thanks.

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