Commissioner Randy “Alfonzo” Conner II COVER-UP

Yo, Commissioner Alfonzo Randy Conner, Are you a fraud?

Everyone that works for the City of Chicago needs to follow certain protocols when involved in a hit and run. Commissioner Alfonzo “Randy” Conner of the Department of Water Management decided to show us on how a classless city employee scams over innocent hard-working taxpayers and how to make some other sucker pay the way.

Randy “chunky” The 325 lbs. plump City of Chicago Department of Water Management Commissioner made it a matter of pride firing city employees at his previous departments, and now at the DOWM. Randy is a part of the Carrie Austin clan that have dirtied Chicago. Carrie Austin a Chicago Alderman likes to drive her caddy to the casino and play the game. Her prior roles in Chicago made her very wealthy. Too bad the perks were spent stupid. Alderman Burke taught her the ropes and she whizzed her money away. She did load the city payroll and made many promotions for her friends. We told you about her bullshit over a decade ago on Chicago Clout. Randy is one of the winners she duped Chicago into taking.

If you hire these clowns, you get bad results. Randy Conner was entering a parking complex driving his Ford Expedition SUV. This is the 31st Beach Lakefront party place where the “coke flows and hoes know”. Randy needed a massive car to haul his large carcass around. When you have a job that pays $174,600.00 dollars with massive perks and benefits, you attract the opposite sex. Randy had a woman in his city vehicle and was dropping the lady off in the parking garage. Sure enough, Randy was arguing with the lady and ordered her out of the SUV. Randy was still very upset with the “lady” and then backed his city vehicle into a parked car owned by a well-respected successful gentleman by the name of Thadius Elliott. Mr. Elliott was driving an extremely expensive Lexus SUV. Mr. Elliott was waiting for his friend getting off his yacht. Mr. Conner was very evasive and extremely upset with his lady friend.

Mr. Conner refused to wait for the Chicago Police to arrive at the scene to make a formal accident report. Mr. Conner refused to wait for the DOWM Safety Department to drug test him and make a full investigation and obtain the witness statements. Mr. Conner gave Mr. Elliott a false address and attempt to give Mr. Elliott the slip. Conner also told the man he lives at the Jardine Plant.

Sure enough, the story gets sexy here. Commissioner Conner called Ralph Chiczewski, the safety and workers comp czar at the Department of Water Management at home. (or the saloon). Ralph told him to meet him at the Wentworth Police Station due to Commissioner Conner’s messed up condition. Ralph “Chicklets” Chiczewski is a former high-ranking Chicago Cop that insisted Conner go to a Police Station that will, “keep their mouth shut”. Conner refused to report an injury to again avoid a drug test.

One and one-half hours later the dynamic duo entered the Police station to make a report. How Did Ralph and Coo Coo Conner forget to call the leak desk? In the report, Conner stated he was the victim and Mr. Elliott was intoxicated and left the scene. A telling false statement that proves why the public thinks city workers are asshats. Mr. Conner also purposely falsified the amount of damage to under $500.00 bucks to avoid the State of Illinois transportation laws. Pretty slick. The Wentworth station police were also told not to immediately pursue Mr. Elliot because of the “minor damage”.

Commissioner Alfonzo “Randy Conner” also told the police the entire accident was the fault of Mr. Elliott. Mr. Conner actions were truly “unbecoming a city employee”.

After the holiday weekend, Ralph made a memo after the phone was ringing off the hook from Mr. Elliott. Ralph made his name covering up for dirty police and his treatment of homeless folks on DOWM property. Ralph also made a name for himself falsifying workers comp injuries and stopping hurt workers pay, medical care, and providing jobs for injured politician’s family members. Ralph also worked with the famous Alderman Edward Burke, “Committee on Finance”.

After a FOIA request, the only documents that show up prove that entire cover-up. All the pictures of the accident site were destroyed. All of Mr. Elliott’s phone calls to the 311 and leak desk were destroyed. Ralph did not take a picture of the accident site. Ralph did not take a witness statement of the lady with Conner. Ralph and his family have awesome City jobs and make piles on the payroll, keep your mouth shut.

Ralph made a cover his ass memo a couple of days after the accident to Julie Hernandez-Tomlin, number two at the department. His memo refused to admit the accident was caused by Conner, the Lexus was parked, and he did not take a single picture. Amazing. Ralph also went to the Wentworth police station with the Commissioner since Conner was not smart enough to do it himself?

Most amazing is the fact, the Tuesday morning phone call by Mr. Elliott, made Ralph change his tune and give Mr. Elliott all documents so he could obtain reimbursement for all the damages. All DOWM management employees involved in this scam should be fired before Mayor Lori Lightfoot asks for a single penny in new taxes. Fire Conner, Chiczewski, Robinson-Bellows, and Hernandez-Tomlin. Hernandez failed to report the accident per her duty as DOWM number 2. Hernandez also failed to report to Joe “the phony” Ferguson at the O.I.G.

The taxpayers paid for Conner’s accident. The taxpayers got screwed. Many Chicago employees have been fired under the same circumstances. Every city employee should be rehired that failed a drug test or refused a drug test. And, by the way, fire Joe Ferguson for covering up the accident. Who approved all the thousands of insurance payments returned to Mr. Elliot and State Farm?

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  1. The female companion in the vehicle was none other than the Owner of this fine establishment and President of Laborers Local 1001 Ms. Nicole “Nikki” Hayes.

  2. Im def. not suprised. Its historically known that some city, state, government and county workers cover for one another. Plus this isnt hearsay me and my family have witnessed this personally. Guess what in every situation it was their word against some regular citizens of Chicago

  3. Where are you people getting your information from? Have call logs been checked? I was in an accident and never got drug tested. Where are the facts? I am just a concerned citizen and want the truth.

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