Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission Exposed

The heat is on a slow boil. Several Governors have allowed Illinois’s injured workers to be shamefully treated by crooked lawyers and insurance agents. Alderman Edward Burke ran a nice scam making big political contributions from lawyers and law firms handling cases at the IWCC. Guess who else is on the slow burn? Michael Madigan’s ass is going to get cooked for fixing cases and getting contributions from firms like Atkin Law. So, you ask, why would a law firm practicing workers comp give massive donations to Madigan?

Madigan makes a call on the workers’ compensation cases so they are settled. Bata Bing Bata Boom. Why did Alderman Burke get at least $43,000.00 in donations from Hennessey and Roach? Well, Hennessey and Roach gets millions in business from Burke to handle no-bid Workers comp cases for Burke. Those donations do not include small personal donations. Burke was funneling money from things he controlled to private vendors for kickbacks. Burke also removed Chicago City Lawyers from handling workers compensation cases because they, “were too stupid”. Also, they did not play ball.

Anyone familiar with the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission knows the Arbitrators are political hacks. The mystery selection process continues. Unlucky stiffs are sent to loan sharks that charge 36% compounded interest on quick loans, then the case takes forever because part of the juice is shared with lawyers.

Many lawyers fail to prepare cases, obtain all medical records, and then settle on the cheap. The real money is made on a cut of the settlement. Arbitrators fail to protect the injured from scam lawyers that cut deals and share envelopes at the 312 Chicago. Video and audio in the right hands now!!

When you look at the inventory of workers at the IWCC you will see whites and the west side outfit.

Two-bit hustlers and thugs.

The IWCC has a new leader and an important meeting is going to be at the Oral Argument Room James Thompson Building 8th Floor. September 13, 2019 at 10:00 A.M. It is called, “The Chairman’s Update on IWCC Modernization Project”. “Looking forward to 2020”. Lots of changes to get ahead of some unexpected changes coming anyway. Bata Bing Bata Boom.

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