Mayor Lori Lightfoot removing more power from the Chicago Department of Finance. Now What?

The Corruption logo for the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission

The City of Chicago under Mayor Lori Lightfoot took control over the Committee on Finance and Alderman Burke’s favorite money-making machine. A sad end for Burke, I guess he attracted attention to the wrong two guys. Burke will go to the pokey and have love time with his fellow inmates. I personally would not get aroused by a wrinkled old buzzard, but who knows what caviar in solitary confinement is.

The Department of Finance just gave injured Chicago City Workers on differential pay a two-month check. When you are injured at the City of Chicago, they offer the injured workers a chance to become a watchman and then pay the difference between their old pay and the pay of the position they currently have. Of course, Chicago gave every person a different deal depending on your clout or other factors. Some City Workers took a lump sum settlement, some are still fighting in court.

More on that later.

The City Department of Finance sent a voucher for two months pay as Mayor Lightfoot is transferring all the functions the Committee on Finance-Department of Finance-Gallagher-Bassett to settle claims, handle the pay differential pay. The City pays these workers directly at a much lower rate and then the private company will issue vouchers (checks) to the injured workers. What is funny and I am not laughing is employees are asked to call 312.744.2931 and talk to a claim’s examiner. Back in the old days, Burke made sure every injured worker would need to hire a lawyer. Burke had the system so fucked up; he could make millions. Slick.

According to Gallagher Basset, the city of Chicago has given them full control of all aspects of workers compensation effective October 1, 2019. I am wondering of Mayor Lori Lightfoot also gave them control over Hennessey and Roach and other law firms that handled the workers compensation legal matters. Burke political donations from the companies he gave this n- bid work to under sure dried up. Prove a QUID QUO PRO situation for sure.

Now the million-dollar question, is Mayor Lori Lightfoot going to fire all those employees Edward and Ann Burke hired to work at the Committee on Finance and then free transfer to Department of Finance?

Chicago is broke and needs to start laying off dead weight. Are Burke’s political hacks going to sit around on the payroll? Is Gallagher Basset the new way Chicago will hide information? Try a FOIA lately? Shine the light? Not really.

Now the Department of Water Management is attempting to talk watchmen to take classes for the PERK Card. WHY? Fudge if I can figure that out. I suspect Ralph Chiczewski want to get background information to fire injured workers. Lots of immigrants sneaking into Chicago would like these jobs. Why is Ralph asking injured workers to obtain an OSCH 30 certification? My insider told me it is a chance to hire consultants. None of this is needed since this is government property. Maybe Ralph is trying to justify his job.

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