Department of Water Management fail to report COVID-19 to Illinois Workers Compensation Commission and Illinois Dept of Labor

Sources have reported one of the many Assistant Superintendents of the North District has reputedly been exposed to the horrid COVID 19. The Department of Water Management must report this to the IWCC and the Illinois Department of Labor. Instead this clout heavy guy, Robert Mrofcza, with a $116,668 salary, will be paid full wages while sitting at home. NICE. It has been previously noted the Mayor Lightfoot has allegedly failed to provide adequate PPE to employees in the field that at are risk of exposure to COVID 19. Sources have confirmed each employee has been provided one face covering –and that these appear to have been manufactured with toilet paper as the mask. Plumbers’ Local 130 sent out a former water department employee to wear a cheap black cloth mask.

We have previously stated that DWM does not have adequate exposure controls in place. The North District resembles a building from the Klondike Gold mining days- flimsy wood paneling, poor to nonexistent plumbing and desks situated just feet apart from one another. The bathrooms have been reported to State officials by a Licensed Plumbing Inspector. The stalls also have a round hole in the partition for lonely nights. Glory Glory.

This is like other Districts as noted in previous articles. Managing Commissioner Cheeks banished all plumbing inspectors from Jardine to a 2FM “Green Building” in the environs of a railroad yard on the near west side. There have been complaints of no warm water for employees to wash their hands as well as other safety complaints that have been made and remain unanswered.

Mayor Lightfoot has created a Racial Equality Team to ensure that vital PPE goes out to any mom and pop long-term healthcare facility that call their Alderman. There are numerous requests for PPE and the Mayor’s team is quick to ensure organizations outside the City Workforce are reputedly provided vital PPE before the workforce.

Now there is also serious talk from unnamed sources that are reasonably confident that mass layoffs are allegedly on the way to the DWM. While Chicago Clout has not received communication from the Mayor’s office the word on the street is that the layoffs are inevitable. Remember, the public record clearly notes that Lightfoot has granted amnesty to dead beats that do not pay their water bills. This never was allowed under Daley-if you did not pay your bill a crew came out and shut off the water. What is troublesome is that if you are not generating revenue to run the operations, then the hard-working men and women may suffer the consequences of losing their jobs and providing for their families.

Lightfoot has not made any substantive changes to the Senior Management Team at DWM, and clearly, she does not know a thing about the inner working of the Water Department. She ran on a platform of reform and now it appears the only real reform she has in mind is to potentially lay off the hard-working city employees that keep the city safe. Never mind that she has forced the employees to work with considerable risk and without the necessary PPE. Unfortunately, we are stuck with this failure for the next three years.

This gentleman refused to go onsite when one of his crews was attacked by a looney off-duty Chicago Police Officer. Karma is a bitch. I hope all the lickers that went into Mrofcza’s office every day to give him warmth and comfort, get the same treatment. I warned all of you at 4900 West Sunnyside about this slum building years ago. Now, Lori Lightfoot has spread many union hotshots to different plants to separate them. Just another fail. The sanitation of Mrofcza’s office will need to be done every day with all the rats that work in that district.

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