Mayor Lori Lightfoot exposed as Satan’s betrothed

A major update to the ongoing complaints against Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the stay at home failure. Many cars are heading for Wisconsin. Many successful (and handsome) City of Chicago residents are heading to Wisconsin. Wisconsin is warming up and open for business. Many Illinois residents are completely fed up with the cray cray Governor and Mayor of Chicago. You could make a solid case the actions are based on undermining the President of the United States, Donald Trump. No matter who the citizens of the United States pick as president, one should support and hope the person has all our interests first and foremost. That means you will not get all the things you want, work harder next time.

The Chicago media is anti-trump, it is so obvious; I cannot stomach reading newspapers I pay for. These losers will write about the price of tea in China, and then tie some anti-trump bullshit into it. Stop.

The Chicago media has been genuinely nice and polite to Mayor Lightfoot and allowing Governor Pritzker to bullshit everyone. Chicago’s COVID-19 mess is getting worse. Constant bullshit in the newspapers about a future opening day gets me ill. Just head to Wisconsin, go to a bar if you want to drink, laugh, and be merry. Just get out of Illinois if God allows you.

Staying huddled in cramped apartments is mentally unhealthy. Alcoholism, drug use, child abuse is out of control. The hood is cooking, and the police should be incredibly careful when responding.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot failed to admit she kept all the clout heavy contractors making millions on the Chicago taxpayers dole. Lori is hoping the Federal Government pays for all the out of control spending. Again, Mayor Lightfoot should keep her yap shut and allow Governor Pritzker to handle everything. She is a failure.

I just read the Department of Water Management is attempting to save money by stopping small organizations water to make little Chicago plants thrive. If I were these people, I would review all the fat in the Water Department payroll. So many do-nothings are making hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most Chicago citizens are broke and puppets. They just pay and do without.

Now they are leaving and spending their little pennies somewhere else. Bye, Bye Lori. Maybe you could do a video of dancing in the street all by yourself.

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