Chicago Homeless live on the Street at Alderman’s Restaurant Ann Sather.

Homeless in Chicago live outside Alderman Tunney’s Restaurant Ann Sather

Today June 16, 2020, a homeless black woman is living on the street in front of Alderman Tunney’s restaurant in the Northside of Chicago. Alderman Tunney is number two in Chicago under Mayor Lori Lightfoot. Tunney makes a large wage as a Chicago Alderman with massive benefits. Alderman Tunney also makes a pile of money with his crappy restaurants in Chicago. I ate at Ann Sather and the food was shit. You think Mister Liberal Tunney would share his money with this lady and make sure she has a bed off a busy street. Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Alderman Tunney sure talk a lot of shit, but actions speak louder than words. Next time you pass Broadway and Granville, throw this lady some money. Two jobs ain’t enough for these two-faced talkers.

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