It only took 20 years for Joe Ferguson and the OIG to get off their ass and expose O.T Fraud at Chicago Water

• An OIG audit of the Department of Water Management’s (DWM) overtime monitoring established that DWM had developed policies and tools to manage overtime but did not utilize these resources consistently. OIG found that “call-out” processes across DWM were neither standardized nor transparent, creating a climate where employees might perceive the overtime system as unfair—potentially undermining morale and triggering grievances. DWM managers at all levels had limited awareness of the full range of the Department’s overtime processes, had not exercised robust oversight, and had not consistently maintained overtime records. OIG recommended that DWM update and distribute its overtime policies, use monitoring tools to inform operational decisions, continue efforts to develop internal reporting tools that provide a real-time view of overtime usage, and improve the consistency, transparency, and fairness of the overtime process. DWM agreed with the audit findings and committed to make better use of overtime monitoring tools.

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