Inspector General reports theft No Whistleblower money. Chicago 2FM corruption continues.

An OIG investigation which established that a Department of Fleet and Facility Management crew stole scrap copper wire and profited $4,445 from the sale of the wire. OIG recommended discharge and placement on DHR’s ineligible for rehire list for the foreman, electrician, and MTD who sold the stolen wire. For the additional employees who accepted the proceeds and failed to report the incident, OIG recommended discipline up to and including discharge, commensurate with the gravity of their violations. OIG further recommended training on departmental policies. In response, the Department initiated the discharge process for the employees who sold the wire. The foreman and electrician subsequently resigned; the MTD was discharged and has an appeal pending. The remaining employees received various suspensions ranging from five to ten days. The Department did not respond to OIG’s recommendation that staff is adequately trained on the strict prohibition on employees using City materials and resources for personal use. 

If you read Chicago Clout, you would know, this story is a result of Chicago City Workers’ sick and tired of the theft and corruption going on in Chicago. John “Copper Bar” Keating was removed from his nice job and his boss Nina “Bozo” Cozzo still enjoys her stay at home job. Since when does the boss not know what is going on? Nina just had an expensive birthday party at her house. When does she get the ax?

See our article here on Chicago Clout. I will let all parties involved know if the Chicago Inspector General will contact us for our whistleblower money. Nina needs to control all the unneeded overtime. Nina should be fired but she has some heavy clout or sweet juice. Also, make sure you investigate all the missing secret military items hidden at the Police lockup on 39th street. Some city employees stole items from the Chicago Police lockup that were obtained from the Federal Government for riot and emergencies. Must have been someone with the ability to shut down the electric and surveillance cameras. Getting loads of ammo, guns, and weapons. You will not hear about that at a Mayor Lori Lightfoot press conference.

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