Mayor Lightfoot demands furlough days and layoffs

Many Chicago Unions representing Chicago City workers got it in the ass the last couple of days as Gay Mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot told the boys the bad news. At this point the talks are demanding unpaid furlough days of at least 25 days per year for two years.

Sources in the Mayor’s office said weak union bosses are only concerned with their cut of benefits made of lazy city workers. Chicago’s first open gay Mayor said, this can be averted if all union workers get off their asses and broomsticks and, “work like hell for Joe Biden”.

Some consider these threats as a demand to pony up for Biden and Lori Lightfoot’s gay agenda. Many are looking for savings at the many jobs Lightfoot gave to gay and unqualified members of the LGBTQ communities. Right now, many Alderman are fighting with Lori Lightfoot due to her many refusals to work on city issues and only concentrate on national and gay agendas.

Lightfoot is draining the Aviation fund, Corporate Fund, and the Water fund. Chicago is unable to obtain loans due to the massive mismanagement making Chicago a “stay away destination”. We are in serious trouble says Chicago financial experts. We have a disgruntled workforce and Lightfoot has failed to implement needed reforms such as workers’ compensation.

Not long ago, the former Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel learned the hard way, furloughs cause nothing but troubles and resentment with Chicago City workers. In fact, the banker that covered up CPD shooting for his own benefit, is still a mutant, like Lori Lightfoot.

Many Chicago workers want layoffs and not punish workers with seniority. What is the point of a contract if union bosses are only interested in their best interests? Mayor Lightfoot received a 600-page report from Patrick McDonough a city plumber and Jay Stone to locate major savings. Contractors are still making millions, but these contractors are making massive donations to Lori Lightfoot’s gay causes. Come on man, run the funking city, Lori. Leave your gay agenda in the bedroom. Lightfoot is destroying the Catholic faith and the church does nothing.

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