Mayor Lori Lightfoot part of Union Kickback scheme, involves Andrea Cheng, Chicago Water Commissioner

Time for T.V. phone, and nap time.

The City of Chicago is under strain due to the incompetence of Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Mayor Lori stirred the racial pot with her broomstick. Day after day, Lori works the media, turning negroes against honkeys. Hispanics are coming to Chicago from Mexico due to lazy negroes that refuse to work. Lori needs hard working Mexicans to pay her high taxes.

Just recently, Ms. Cheng was promoted. She is the tempory commissioner. If you look at the past in Department of Water Management history, the acting position almost always leaves you homeless. In fact, whistleblowers have ruined more careers than crazy Lori.

So far, Ms. Cheng is part of the Joliet one-billion-dollar deal that is riddled with fraud and corruption. Not even Joe Ferguson can figure out he is being used by Lori.

Many City of Chicago Department of Water Management employees were part of an optical illusion to again fake the public. Lori was untrusting of her negro voters to behave after the George Floyd court room drama. Lori worked with Chicago Laborers and Teamsters to provide safety and security in case or riots. Lori was going to look out all the negroes from downtown Chicago. Lori ordered Ms. Cheng to place multiple pick trucks, licensed in Ohio, to act a barrier. Lori figured out it would be a good idea to have non-police in place because she is a weak woman that can not stand up to these creeps.

Since this was a safety matter, Lori forgot to send Ralph Chiczewski to monitor the workers that have no police training. Ralph did nothing but sit at home with his DOWM car in Edison Park and allegedly figure out what employee was exposing his penis to the public. Fortunately for lazy multi-pension deadbeat Ralph, armed persons were monitoring the Laborers and Teamsters sleeping on the job. The Inspectors were at 18th street staging, East McFetridge Drive at the Field Museum, Oak Street and Lake Shore Drive, (my neighbors at Drake Apartments were pissed) and the heavy sleepers at Belmont. Missing were the North avenue sleepers and the southside boys. If you were on this detail, please have your union rep to contact us for your pictures. If you do not want them, I will send over to the appropriate authorities.

Please note, when you are at work making time and one half and double time, put down the phone and keep your eyes open. These jobs would have been fine for crippled workers not paid their workers comp benefits. Funny how Cheng got her job by allegedly backstabbing Conner, but he was a damn idiot anyway.

Department of Water Management, stop stealing out in the open. People are at home with no food and no job. You spit in their face.

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