Chicago Department of Water Management Cover-up Specialists. Bull-shit safety specialists

The City of Chicago has the worst Safety Specialists on record. Just recently, one specialist was fired for stealing diamond saw blades. So what does a safety specialist really do for almost $100,000.00 per year? Nuttin.

The Department of Water Management has a cover-up program that fails to enforce “imminent threats.” Only one faker can declare an “imminent threat” in safety situations in Illinois. That is hard to do when you are not on a job site and sitting in an office.

This picture was taken on the 5300 block of Bowmanville across from the community garden center. The repair started on July 29, 2021, and dug up a massive and deep excavation to access a sewer repair. Chicago now spends more money and time on signs to warn the public of street closures. Chicago is now spending millions on signs to close streets. Chicago is now spending millions on sloping, shoring, and benching. Trench boxes sit on the sides of job sites and rust. Plates are not pinned to the street and leave massive holes.

Chicago Clout is very proud to document and picture sites before workers enter the excavation. Chicago Clout is pleased to expose the fraud and cover-ups that continue. Many workers fail to realize they might not return home. Many Chicago workers fail to wake up and smell the coffee. Do not work in an excavation without shoring.

Would you please tell Mike to bring a measuring tape to the inspections and take the camera out of his behind? Take pictures and measure. Save lives.

Mike, you are a day late and a dollar short. The Hoisting Engineer backfilled most of the ditch just before your arrival. The Commissioner might take on the “Chin” yet.

Special thanks to the crew for acting professionally. You were shorthanded and still accomplished your tasks. I found a whole shitload of loafers on a pipe job doing nothing a hop and skip away. Staffing is a failure here.

You have been warned; now, workers will be photographed in the excavation.  This is your choice. Pray to the Bricklayer and family that just died. Konrad Tucharski died in vain if you expose yourself. More on this later.

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