Chicago St. Patrick Parade no friend of Lori Lightfoot 2022

Governor Pritzker, Mayor Lori Lightfoot, and her manly sidekick made this 2022 St. Patricks Day a disaster. Governor Pritzker was pelted with hard candy and then asked to be placed into protective custody. mayor Lightfoot was booed and forced off a Local 134 Electrical Union Float. When Lori wore a kilt, the newspapers and video cameras keep it above her nasty legs. The entire event was a major loss for Illinois politicians. Lori has gained tons of weight and will not return as Mayor of Chicago. Sadly, the Chicago media is right on cue acting as if they are questioning Lightfoot now. Soon the money will flow and Chicago Media will again, write glowing stories about this freak. Lori is the ugliest person that was ever Mayor of Chicago. How sad, between Rahm and Daley, how could you get a worse creature. I am concerned about the safety of any child near Lori. Here actions warrant an investigation from children’s protective services.

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