Racist Water Department under Andrea Cheng Exposed again

March 14, 2022.

Steve Broumas was sent home with a 29-day suspension after allegedly discarding a Black Lives Matter Sign in front of a black man’s house while working as a Construction Labor. The Local 1092 Laborer was seen on video taking the sign down. When asked, Steve said the sign was “hatred” and scared him. Steve also said the sign made him very nervous. The sign was also racist. Steve was part of an investigation by the Chicago Office of the Inspector General. The Inspector-General tipped me off as to the testimony of Steve Broumas. I am glad Mayor Lightfoot forced out Inspector General Joe Ferguson to spend more time with his wife.

On August 17, 2021, CBS 2 News reported a City Worker took down the BLM sign. This was during the height of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Steve works in the all-white managed North District Water Department.

The City of Chicago Department of Water Management, under the direction of embattled Commissioner Andrea R.H. Cheng made an official statement by:

“This incident goes against our values as a City. The Chicago Department of Water Management does not tolerate any misconduct on the part of our employees. We are working on confirmation that this is a DWM employee and have referred the matter to the Office of the Inspector General”.

According to sources, Andrea Cheng dragged the investigation on for over seven months so she could avoid the termination of Steve. Laborers Local 1092 told Steve not to appeal the decision, and a deal was made. Another puppet union in Chicago licking Lori’s bootstraps. The personnel department of the department of water management has no policy in place to manage these decisions. This is done to keep clouted employees and fire others. The Department of Water Management personnel department has just fired many white employees to appease the racist Mayor Lightfoot. The Transportation department only gave a 10-day suspension to an employee that called another employee a “nigger”.

Many City of Chicago employees should reach out to Steve and ensure he can get through this challenging period. Steve complained against Paul Hansen, the former North District Superintendent, for racial comments many years ago. The Department of Water Management and the Illinois Department of Human Rights did a nice cover-up. Special thanks to Chicago’s Alexi Giannoulias for saving workers jobs in Chicago. Andrea should be fired for her involvement in this cover-up.

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