What Doctor Fauci did to Chicago City Workers

Most City of Chicago employees was forced to take the Covid-19 vaccine. The reason was simple, Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot. It takes a real POS to forced people to do things beyond their free will. I hope every Chicago City Worker gets behind another candidate for Mayor. Chicago Clout is going all out as we have in the past. All our fans have made funny pictures (meme) to get the point across. Legal maneuvers are slow in getting a day in court. Some Chicago City Workers were forced to stay at home, take the Covid-19 shots and then return to work with time lost. Sadly, the employee not only lost the time but will be forced to retire at a later time. They called this a non-disciplinary, no pay time off. The Unions in Chicago caved in due to massive dealing in contracts set to explode very soon. It is called a Butt-fuc@ where I am from.

Currently, we are working with several candidates thinking about running for Mayor. Time for the freak show to end. I am so sorry Chicago endured this vermin.

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