Chicago Law Dept. and Inspector General demand Rahm to stop using City Workers

Rahm Emanuel Pic with City Workers.png Rahm Emanuel is using Chicago City Workers for backdrops and photo ops to bolster his run for the upcoming Mayoral Race. City Workers were attempting to pick up garbage and complete their tasks when a Commissioner ordered them to wait all morning for Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Media to take pictures for the news. City Workers that were black and Hispanic were ordered to the front for pictures. Workers wore City Uniforms and the trucks were clean as a whistle. One City Worker said, he did not see a fly or a foul smell for once. This beats pickin up trash said one employee. The Inspector General has told Rahm and City employees to keep away from the press. The Law Department is very angry as Rahm is making lawsuits against the city run afoul. Rahm used the Water Department for photo shoots for years. It is a backdrop for votes. One City commissioner said” it is Rahm being Rahm”. The Inspector General is still not going after Rahm for using City funds for his personal use. Joe said, “I still got a job”. Photo by Nancy Stone of the Tribune.

Chicago Department of Law Karen M. Coppa protects Rahm Emanuel’s Langdon Neal

Chicago Election Board Chairman Langdon Neal makes millions and millions of dollars from the City of Chicago and Cook County. Jay Stone is becoming a major thorn in the side of the Chicago newspapers big secret. Landon Neal’s legal deals stink real bad. A conflict of interest at the very least. Langdon was again hoping people in Chicago will register to vote for Barack Obama and that is what made the newspapers. What? Why will the Chicago Sun-Times keep a lid on Langdon Neal’s business dealings? I tangled personally at Rahm Emanuel’s residency hearing with Langdon Neal. If you want some great dirt on Chicago politics and Langdon Neal go to Jay Stone’s website.
Just recently Karen M. Coppa, Chief Assistant Corporation Counsel is riding shotgun for Langdon Neal threating Jay Stone with possible legal action. Is Langdon Neal too cheap to use his own lawyers? and again will the Chicago Taxpayers pick up the freight for ole Neal? WTF? Karen is putting the heat on Jay for disclosing Langdon’s massive tax returns. Langdon Neal had to disclose his tax information and make it public so the multi-millionaire can keep cleaning up on minority business set asides. The old no bid stuff Daley made famous… Karen is with the Legal Information, Investigations and Prosecutions Division and she made that abundantly clear to Jay. Karen would not return my phone call. Make sure you go to Jay Stone’s website….good stuff.

Chicago Gangs muscle into Chicago Water Department Drug Business

DOWM Signs.jpg
On September 10, 2012, the City of Chicago Department of Water Management employees got an important notice from the gangs of Chicago’s North Side. The Water Department drug trade in Heroin, Coke, Meth, and pills has got some attention from neighboring gangs such as the “Almighty Harrison Gents”. Despite many reports of the ongoing activity in the department, the Water Department still refuses to have a full drug enforcement policy. Each and every employee should be tested as soon as possible. Management is non-existent in the North District located at 4900 West Sunnyside. This facility is Union run and running into the ground. Despite several complaints to the authorities, the lack of drug testing is making the place difficult to work at. This tag was made from a powerful gang know as Hustlers and Gangsters. Several employees at the Water Department said they belong to this gang. Also, some employees decided to step forward and make sure employees finally got supplies for their trucks so they could do their job. Department trucks are robbed and cleaned out on a regular basis. The gang does not even care the Chicago Police fill up their gas tanks right were the tag was made. This tag was made at a fuel depot for the City. Enough of the cover-ups Mayor Rahm Emanuel, time to stop fundraising and do something about this mess. Honest City Workers are tired of drug dealers running our department. Stop making idiots run the department and blame everyone for their own failures. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Dennis Fleming, a Daley leftover stinking up Justice in Chicago?

Chicago Department of Human Resources Poster 1.jpg Dennis M. Fleming, an attorney, chairman of the Chicago License Appeal Commission, administrative law judge and hearing officer spent the last two days making a mockery of Justice in Chicago. I spent the last two days at the City of Chicago Department of Human Resources watching one city worker after another walking out of an appeal hearing. Simply put, Bruce Randazzo is attempting to clear his name from a disciplinary action the Department of Water Management made against him. Bruce Randazzo is a politically active Democrat on the Northwest side of Chicago. Bruce Randazzo has stood up to corruption and reported several incidents that should have been actively investigated by the Chicago Office of the Inspector General. In all fairness to the OIG, I am not privy to the status of any investigation since I am active city employee. (Disclaimer)
So why am I concerned? The City of Chicago uses Hearing Officers as a political carrot to judicial wan bees. I am seeing the use of Hearing Officers in too many situations in Chicago. If you receive a parking ticket in Chicago, a Building Code Violation, you could get an appointed flunky lawyer not familiar with the laws that apply to your situation. I have firsthand seen too much unprofessionalism at the Building Violations Court. Maybe if the OIG steps downstairs once in a while, we can straighten that out. I really believe Chicago taxpayers should demand and want a real judge free from any political process deciding what is legal and right.
So… back to the story, Bruce Randazzo was in the Hearing Board on January 11 and 12, making his side of the case. I made the appropriate phone calls because the hearing officer was not allowing much evidence into the record. I overheard city worker after city worker laughing about the hearing judge attempting to shut down any avenue that was not favorable to the city. When ordinary working folks smell a fix, it’s a fix. When city workers smell a fix, it is defiantly a fix. My impression is Fleming got a phone call from an attorney representing one of the witnesses for the city. Two critical witnesses famous for their political work walked in and then right out of the hearing. I cannot fathom how the hearing officer can make a determination without hearing evidence.
If you are a City of Chicago employee and want to clear your name, you might be wasting money hiring an attorney. I waited in City Hall room 1100 all day on January 11, 2012 waiting to testify. No one from Plumber’s Local 130 ever showed up. I was told a Local 130 representative could not show up because it was the city’s fault that they did not notify the union. I drove back to the yard at 4900 Sunnyside and then my tires were slashed. I was expecting a representative to show from the Union today but no one showed up. I got a call when I was in the hearing testifying. When I was testifying, I got the impression the hearing officer never understood the rules that allow more openness in admitting evidence than the circuit court. I was also happy to hear Chicago Clout was mentioned during the proceedings. I admit Rahm Emanuel is a much better Mayor than Daley ever was. Emanuel is ten times the Mayor, but he needs to clean out the old Daley holdouts. I would like to make a spin on the legal system. The Chicago legal system is like making sausages, but as a plumber the legal sausages sometimes look like sh*t.
I will have more details soon. Enjoy.

Former Alderman Hansen's son Paul Hansen gets chilly response

June 8  2011 paul Hansen final On June 8, 2011, Paul Hansen finally got to address to City of Chicago Department of Water Management employees in the North District. Paul Hansen got a chilly response despite the very hot weather. Some employees in this picture were wearing shorts knowing the day would be close to 100 degrees. Paul Hansen told the workers he wanted them not to wear short pants again. Paul does not wear shorts anymore because he works in a very cold and chilly air-conditioned office. At $107,000.00 dollars, smackers, greenbacks, I would wear long pants also. Paul was in the newspapers for an alleged DUI he got when hunting in Geneva. Most Chicago City workers get fired when this happens to them. Somehow the Office of the Inspector General allowed his promotion to go through despite other employees claiming the promotion was rigged. Paul job requires a driver’s license and when suspended allegations of mileage reimbursement funny business continued to be made. Paul Hansen revealed new work rules that included parking in the residential area around former Alderman Pat Laver crib. The 45Th Ward’s new Alderman best take a look at this policy. Also, workers were reminded to go into the yard to swipe in and out. No more shortchanging the taxpayers anymore. The Office of the Inspector General got wind of edit sheets used on overtime jobs recently. The North District yard was just cited for violations with the Illinois Department of Labor. Several workers agreed to petition the neighbors to call Rahm Emanuel to stop this practice. So far the Office of the Inspector General has done nothing to stop the flash mob workers at the District, racing out to taxpayer’s homes, underbidding and hustling side business. This scam has gone on with leak desk workers giving inside leak complaints to certain investigators, kicking back cash to the bosses. It is time to keep the corruption, bribes, scams, payoffs in full swing, just wear long pants when you do it. It looks more legit. Patrick McDonough

Time to lynch another black Chicago City Employee?

Chicago Black person The Office of the Inspector General published it has busted another Chicago Department of Water Management employee with an alleged residency violation in their last report. The Department of Water Management put this employee on paid leave April 25, 2011. That very day, arrangements were quickly made with Plumber’s Local 130 to have a meeting at 333 South State Street to decide this Plumber’s fate. Since this Plumber is late on his dues, this guy got the royal treatment. He had a meeting the very next day. The Office of the Inspector General has also investigated other members of Local 130 for alleged residency violations that are currently under review. It sure stinks to be a black man in the City of Chicago. I hope these guys get a lawyer like Rahm Emanuel so they can live anywhere they please. So far no progress is made on the scam promotions, investigations and claims made to the Shakman Monitor. Time for Rahm to put David Hoffman back as Inspector General as soon as he can. Photo by white racists.

Daley covers for the mob, controls the Office of the Inspector General.

Another day goes by and the Chicago Office of the Inspector General is shortchanged by the Daley mob clan. I reported a long time ago, the Commissioners of Daley's Administration have the power to stop an investigation by the OIG. Simply put, if the OIG busts another one of Daley's rats getting a promotion, stealing, and acting illegally, the investigation is shut down. I cannot tell you how many reports we made to clean up city hall and nothing was done. The FEDS have allowed Daley and his goons to keep ripping off the public. Despite the fact the OIG insists employees report corruption, employees are finding out the Office of the Inspector General is a front. I am already on the record demanding the complete independence of the OIG, period. I personally saw confidential OIG reports on the desktops of Water Department employees. By why waste taxpayer's money investigating when the fix is in? It only invites retaliation. All of us at the Municipal Advocate General are working to improve the working conditions of city employees and taxpayers. Get involved in this election soon, Chicago is in dire straits, thanks to Daley and his crooked friends. Patrick McDonough Continue reading “Daley covers for the mob, controls the Office of the Inspector General.”