Sorich, McCarthy, Slattery, and Sullivan May 16, 2006

Dirksen Building.jpg
I went to the trial this morning, I was really sickened by what I saw. Prior to the whole thing starting, I saw Sorich’s father and mother. I could see the pain they were in. The look on his father would send chills up a convicts back. Sorich looked like a fish out of water. Who is paying for all the legal bills? Slattery’s lawyer did the best he could, but he did not explain how Patrick became an electrician, than a Director of Streets and Sanitation. The joke is Durkin is really mad at John Kass because Kass takes attention away from him. Kass was nice to me in the early a.m. I will tell you, many a person of political power and arrogance was in attendance, talking on the cell phones, ect. Hey people notice 11th ward, you do not. Daley’s family watching. Photo by Patrick McDonogh