Chicago Clout Cliff Kelley Tom Roeser Terry Brunner Video

As we all know, I have been harping about all the wild spending in Chicago for quite some time. Let us face the facts, Chicago under the direction of Mayor Richard Daley knows the obvious, Chicago is broke. Chicago is financially busted. One source of riches is Chicago O’Hare Airport. A 20+ billion dollar expansion is underway. Terrence Brunner is a friend of mine I met at the Aviation Integrity Project. Chicago is selling assets to cover up the losses from waste and mismanagement. Watch this video starring J. Terrence Brunner, Cliff Kelley, (Radio and media star from WVON) and Tom Roeser, famous columnist and radio personality. Patrick McDonough was also featured in this stunning series, more in route. Hey can’t wait for those new tax bills Chicago! Click video here Patrick McDonough

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  1. Gentlemen:
    With the recent revelations of the ACORN organization registering none existent voters, and now that there
    are 600 families and 500 homes abandoned in Bensenville, has anyone looked into the possibility that the
    names of those former residents and their addresses, being used as ghost voters in the upcoming election?

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