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On Thursday October 5, 2006 after an exhausting day at the embroiled Department of Water Management, I attended class at Roosevelt College in Chicago. Two famous Congressmen Jesse Jackson Jr. 2nd district (D-IL) and Congressman Ray LaHood 18th district (R-IL) spoke to a class given by Tom Roeser right after the “Foley page scandal” hit the news. Both gentlemen were brilliant and explained their points of view based upon their constituents needs. Jackson was given an A by the class in every category. This picture has two potential rivals against Mayor Daley and was the day before Daley and Jackson spoke on the Chicago School System which is in ruins with Daley asleep at the switch as usual. Jesse Jackson Jr. and Mike Quigley would make great Mayors of Chicago. I think Jackson has what it takes to clean up the failures, clout, and corruption, the Daley legacies. Photo by Tony Joyce.

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  1. Hey Pat! Why don’t you have pictures of you and your sidekick Coconutty from the Columbus Day Parade on here?Also you need to get some new clothes and loose the farmer look in order to be successful in the city of Chicago

  2. I work for the City of Chicago as a Licenced Union Plumber. The job is very dirty in nature and I do not ever want to portray myself as a big-shot or a phony. The job only pays $85,000.00 a year. After a hard day at work, I have no place to shower and clean up. But unlike your posts that I must correct, or reject, because you have a no concept of proper English, I am able to communicate an idea or concept. Please do not post stupid stuff here. I am attempting to make people aware of problems in Mayor Daley’s Administration, they keep their head in the sand. Please post smart and post often. All are welcome at this site to help their cause. Patrick McDonough, ChicagoClout.com

  3. You mean to tell me you cant shower at home? You are a plumber? Are you afraid of water? 85,000 a year and you cant buy some new clothes? Guess I will have a fundraiser for you, That is if the FBI don’t catch up with me first.

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