A Wonderful Evening with John Kass of Chicago Tribune

Tonight, I spent an hour with the famous columnist John Kass of the Chicago Tribune. I have always admired his work and last time I said hello was at the Sorich Trial. I did my best to get a picture with him, but he seemed nervous. Some top Chicago columnists avoid pictures for some unwritten rule. I was spellbound by John Kass as he is very down to earth and very compelling. I met and talked to John Kass prior on several occasions, but I was not ready for a very kind human conversation. From his writing, I was expecting a rougher edge. In the class everything is “Off the Record”, so I will honor that. However, John Kass had the entire class in his hand. Thank you Tom Roeser. Very Impressive. John and I are going to have a cup of coffee one of these days, I cannot wait. Patrick McDonough.

4 Replies to “A Wonderful Evening with John Kass of Chicago Tribune”

  1. I heard that the low life mafia family of the Duff’s threatened Kass like the low life violent criminals they are.

    Word is that Skinny Sheehan fixed the contracts for them.

  2. Kass broke the Daley stories first while the rest of the media was stupid, blind and kissing his ass.

  3. I need help, Mayor Daley administration took over the Regional Board of education. During that transition my teaching certification was lost. I am in an Irish community were city officials refuse to help me.I believe it’s because the city or someone wanted their hands on my home. Which is why alderman Rugai re-zoned by property commercial. And I was not aware until I had it appraised. I really wanted Mr. Walls to win,so this corruption can stop.

    Thank you,
    linda Crockett

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