Chicago Lawyers Lose at Personnel Board Again

Chicago Lawyers lose another case against another Chicago City Worker. Please read this article published in the Chicago Tribune today. Click here:,1,2323608.story Lawyers Thomas Aumann and Saira Alikhan of the Chicago Law Department still get paid by the taxpayers win or lose. The prior lawyer Kerry Jewel jumped ship a while ago into private practice, I guess she has brains. The big part of the story is Todd Lighty and Laurie Cohen, some of Chicago’s best known writers, are at the hearing of fired Chicago City Employees. Go to enough of these hearings and you will quickly understand how Mayor Daley’s Corrupt Administration works. I am happy that any fired City Employee gets a job back, but Mayor Daley, do not expect every City Employee to “Sorich” for the clout. Lets make Chicago on the fair and square, kinda. Patrick McDonough.

3 Replies to “Chicago Lawyers Lose at Personnel Board Again”

  1. Pat McDonough aren’t those shames to the law profession Tommy “Wimpy” Auman and Eileen “Ugly Duckling who needs to get laid” Greary trying to fire you again???? Amazing, the personal driver to Al Sanchez WHO FIXED GETTING LICENSES AND JEOPARDIZED LIVES IS BACK WORKING, THEY ARE ONLY THINKING ABOUT APPEALING AND THEY ARE GOING AFTER YOU.

    Pat I guess your sin is you revealed the Hired Trucks and you are not a member of HDO.

  2. Our taxpayers pay for these lawyers and hearing officers and panels that give criminals their jobs back but go after whistle blowers like McDonough and Coconate.
    THIS IS SICK!!!!!!!

  3. They would have never been hired if they were.We(Taxpayers)need more guys like these two men.Honest,hardworking and have familys.What does one do when the city of Chicago takes all of your life,family,money,pension etc?Its not like they could ever get another job anywhere.SO PAT,ROUND UP THE TROOPS AND KICK DALEYS ASS.This is just the beggining of coruption uncovered.GOOD JOB I AM ON YOUR SIDE PAT!!!!!!

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