Chris Persons Chicago 48th Ward Alderman? I say Yes!

Chis Persons.jpg
Another Chris running for alderman in the 48th Ward? Yes and I like the new sound of checks and balances in Chicago politics. I was scheduled to meet Chris at 12:30 p.m. at Coffee Chicago today. At 12:30 and two seconds, Chris was running off to meet all the 48th Ward residents on Clark Street. Chris’s manager Stephanie was there and we hunted down Chris and his large group of supporters. Please see Chris’s web site at While I am upset this guy could not wait 30 seconds, I am impressed with the professionalism of his staff. I also noticed a man was bursting at the seams when he found out the petitions were not for Alderman Smith, he signed Chris’s petition as quick as a wink. Lets get rid of the 48th Ward Daley Rubber Stamp, “Queen Smith” and put Chris Persons in as Alderman of the 48th Ward. Remember do not be a second late for Chris!! Photo by Patrick McDonough.